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Jane Handcock Connects Song and Rap on Powerful New Single, “ION LIKE DAT”

Jane Handcock is known for her ability to create relatable music for her growing fan base in both the rap and songwriting sectors. The Oakland native felt a motivation to begin creating this track as she was moving between the Bay and Los Angeles as she felt inner growth and maturity.

“ION LIKE DAT” exhibits every aspect of her multifaceted talent and self-expression as an artist with strong catchy beats, emotional-filled lyrics, and catchy melodies. Hancock catches listeners' attention and covers feelings felt by many as she vocalizes honest inner feelings. The unique, strong body of work is shown within this single as she is able to add a light flow to a powerful backing track.

Her immense musical talent has not gone unnoticed within the industry as her singles have been featured on the HBO television show Insecure and given her the opportunity to work with other powerful artists like Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross, and Tyrese.

Jane's natural talent, paired with influence from these power-house artists has catapulted her in a movement towards being the next R & B sensation of our generation! “ION LIKE DAT” is a vital step in her music career that proves to listeners and other artists once again that Jane Handcock is filled with immense talent and self-expression.


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