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Janice Lee Discovers an Independent Sweet-Escape With Her Single, "Finding Home"

Coming in from the Bay Area, the Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Janice Lee releases her third single and a treat for the ears with a compelling piece titled, "Finding Home."

Taking the world's unnerving circumstances into account, Janice Lee aims to express themes and concepts of renewal and empowerment within her music. Hoping to inspire listeners through her conceptual and personal lyricism, Janice Lee offers a breath of fresh air through each in-depth piece.

Through her latest single, "Finding Home," Janice Lee has fused uplifting and somewhat nostalgic Pop elements into this piece while pushing lyricism regarding a relationship where two lovers fell out of sync. With each mesmerizing vocal flair that Janice Lee provides, she tells an empowering story through her lyricism that encourages the listener to fuel their independence.

"Finding Home" opens with a mid-tempo Pop beat through spacious drum breaks and short keyboard bursts. As Janice Lee begins singing with her warm and bright vocals, she starts depicting scenarios where she'd lost touch with who she is and wishes to create a new path.

Around the drop of the chorus, a sweet and wavy synth offer sweet melodies while Janice Lee sings of shedding the layers of her past self and finding her way back home. Through the song's uplifting production, we can feel this slight nostalgic aspect of 80s Synth-Pop through the upbeat drums and dreamy synths.

Ending the song off on a positive note through ambient production and Janice Lee's thoughtful lyricism, "Finding Home," tells a courageous story of navigating your way through inner-turmoil all to come out strong and fiercely independent in the end.

What inspired you to write more of an optimistic song regarding post-breakup thoughts with your single, "Finding Home?"

There are pains with every breakup, but in "Finding Home," I wanted to highlight how we can turn negative experiences into positives, how we can embrace the journey, and appreciate it's part in the larger picture in shaping us as individuals.

The production within your single "Finding Home" offers incredible ambiance and warmth. Did you have any help when crafting the song's sonics, and what sort of atmosphere did you want the overall production to provide?

Yes, my fiancé is my music producer, and we worked on the song together. The atmosphere is intended to sound like a spiritual epiphany, a guiding inner voice finally realizing clarity. Sonically, it's meant to relax and calm the mind of the listener, and transport them to a place of appreciation.

Speaking on your in-depth and compelling lyricism within "Finding Home," was it easy for you to write about a post-breakup theme and to come out strong in the end? What did your songwriting process look like?

It was easy to channel those thoughts and emotions because I've had plenty of time to reflect on it since it ended. I felt that breakup was such a huge learning experience for me that had influenced the person I've become. I feel that this is an experience everyone goes through. I just wanted to emphasize that even at the most challenging experiences, you can still find a way to see the good, empower yourself, and grow into a better version of yourself.

Seeing as "Finding Home" is your third released single, how does this song differ or relate to your previously released singles? Is there a common theme or aspect within your released songs?

Each song has a different vibe, but they tie together as they are all personal thoughts and stories of mine. It's as if I'm thinking out loud and sharing a piece of my life with you.

What has been your biggest inspiration while creating new music this year?

The global pandemic has blessed me with the opportunity to work from home, allowing for more flexibility to focus on myself and start fully investing my time and energy into the one thing I truly desire.



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