Jaonere's EP "All We Have Is Now" Offers R&B Harmony and Style

February 23 | BuzzMusic

R&B/Hip-Hop artist, Jaonere, is here to spotlight his recent EP release, "All We Have Is Now". This artist has been involved with music for his entire life.  Jaonere knows what he wants as an artist, and he isn't afraid of getting it! We see this in “All We Have Is Now", where Jaonere delivers an array of qualities intrinsic to the R&B sound. Jaonere begins with "Intro", which offers the perfect kind of vibe, set for the remainder of the EP. It's methodically pieced together and allows for an introspective and chilled out kind of environment. Collective synth integrations create a hazy atmosphere that makes listeners feel relaxed. Jaonere knows how to maintain that collective flow, as his expressive outflow keeps itself consistent with the second track on this EP, "Energy". There's a contemporary R&B feel to this track, and Jaonere clearly sets out to get a deeper message across to listeners.

We appreciate how effortlessly Jaonere's charisma shines with "Hopeless". We feel very intimately connected to Jaonere in this track, and appreciate the essence of "Hopeless". We get to delve into a more vulnerable side of Jaonere’s artistry. The entire performance in "Hopeless" is eloquent in a more low-key way.  The next track is "Matters", which introduces more of a modern and diversified performance on Jaonere's part. We get a variety of rhythms and melodies expressed in "Matters", which allow for an eclectic listening experience. Jaonere provides a deeper connection with the fifth track, "Graterlude". The song has more of a smooth underground feel.  The production compliments the theme of this particular track.  “Graterlude" happens to be one of our favorite tracks from Jaonere's "All We Have Is Now" EP release.

"Dotted Line" is the next track.  We are impressed by the more aggressive approach to this song. Jaonere's sense of harmony is clear.  “Dotted Line" proves that Jaonere understands himself and his capabilities as a vocalist and musician. Jaonere continues to develop versatility.  He demonstrates his continued progress through the "Dotted Line". The last track this EP is titled, "Outro".  This song is an extension of the initial instrumental track. This song encourages a peaceful and warm environment through the innovative use of his synth collection.  Jaonere exits with the most embodied presence. Jaonere undoubtedly impresses many with "All We Have Is Now".

Listen to Jaonere's "All We Have Is Now" here.

The music community has recently seen the release of "All We Have Is Now", your most recent EP! What were some of the most rewarding experiences you've extracted during the creative process of this EP? A few things come to mind...I’d say if you have a vision of how you want something to sound/look/feel, run with it and protect it. Also, be prepared and accept that not everyone is going to understand it. I believe that everyone has a vision that has been sent to them for whatever reason. Creating that vision and bringing it to life is the most rewarding feeling. For example, the Dotted Line video. I’ve also been able to connect with incredible musicians and artists that I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for this project. I was able

to touch on some personal topics that I never wanted to share musically, but allowing myself the liberty to do so, no matter how it would be perceived, or how I’d feel knowing that people would be aware I can be sensitive in that way is really rewarding because it means I’m starting to let go and be more free with my artistry. As a London-based singer/songwriter, how do you feel your current surroundings aid in the growth of your artistry? Do you stem a lot of your inspiration from the world around you? The great thing about living and growing up in London is that it is filled with so many different types of people from varying cultures and experiences. A lot of the topics I write about are somewhat personal. I think as I grow as an artist I will probably start to draw from others’ perspectives in order to tell a story. I’m also aware that living in London, I am privileged to have had access to music from all around the world at a very young age which has definitely aided in my growth thus far. Having a strong appreciation for Pop, Indie Rock but also loving Hip Hop and R&B. I can probably speak for other Londoners that grew up in London, predominantly listening to Hip Hop, Garage and R&B, that MTV Base and Choice FM were our Instagram (laughs). These sources were the go-to for new music and music videos. "All We Have Is Now" was a very methodical and impressive performance on your end. Each track held its own purpose, and once combined with one another, told a compelling story. Can you share with our readers your intended message with "All We Have Is Now", and particularly the message "Graterlude" was attempting to emulate? Thank you! I’m really glad that it has been received this way. The EP really exemplifies my journey and how I’ve grown into my own. I’ve acknowledged that I need to protect my “Energy”, and sometimes love can make you feel “Hopeless”, but without it how can we justify pain? “Matters” explores the sentiment that once our loved ones are no longer here in the physical form, the only thing that matters is the positive impact that they leave on our lives. This then goes into “Graterlude” which explains the meaning behind ‘All We Have is Now’. The intended message is to think about the past and be grateful for the experiences and how it has molded you, but not to get trapped in the sorrow. The only real tangible thing that we are experiencing at this moment is now. The past no longer exists and the future hasn’t yet happened, so “All We Have Is Now”. Being anxious won't solve anything. Easier said than done, but you have to choose to be happy, choose to be grateful, love those around you and cherish the good times with them because it’s those experiences that we will take with us and leave with them when we are no longer here. We have to be present and just enjoy the journey. How did you ultimately get started within the music scene? Did you ever imagine you'd get to the point you're at now, seeing the release of an EP that contains so many vulnerable moments and experiences? I’ve loved singing and performing from a young age. When I realized I had a gift for songwriting, I wanted to let people hear what I had to offer. So I started going to open mic nights and networking events just to figure out what’s required. I’m aware that the industry has evolved massively since I was a teen, so it was important for me to do some research. You could say initially I was testing the waters by putting tracks on SoundCloud just to get some feedback, which really prepared me for the recording process of new material. I had always envisioned releasing an EP but I just didn’t know when it would happen. I’ve had so many setbacks which I now know comes with it. I never imagined I would be revealing as much on the EP, as it got to the point where I was just recording music for the sake of creating and I think from that organic process, that’s when your subconscious speaks. I was actually meant to put out an EP in 2017, but in retrospect, it wouldn’t have been the right time and I don’t think the songs really captured the essence of who I was at that time, so it was probably for the best it didn’t come to fruition. Thanks, Jaonere! We appreciate the time to chat about "All We Have Is Now", and other

elements to your artistry! Where would you say you're off to now that your EP is finally debuted? Thanks for having me! I love you guys for the support, seriously. Now that the EP is out I’d love to fly out to Brazil and spend a week on an island somewhere (laughs) but my main focus is promo promo promo promo for next few months! Which is a whole project within itself (laughs). There might be more music by summer, who knows.