Jaq Havoq Helps You Find Inner Power With His Single “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)”

Based in Vancouver, Canada, hip-hop/R&B artist Jaq Havoq releases his cerebral single “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)”. Although it took until he was 17 to find his passion for music, it was inevitable as Jaq Havoq had always seen himself needing to move and let the rhythm flow throughout his body. Becoming addicted to the connection he felt with music and the artist at play, he was compelled to create music of his own. With his recent single “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)”, Jaq Havoq brings forward a hard-hitting rap tune that lets rhythm flow through our bodies and reminds us of exhilarating hip-hop. While he rides the beat with the incredible flow with J-Rez’s added bars, the track brings very high energy. Kicking off with a dark produced hip-hop beat that gradually progresses louder and more intense, “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)” opens with Jaq Havoq’s deep and fierce rhymes that quickly spit and only impress us with how he remains so clear and precise. Reaching the powerful hook that establishes a hard-hitting and infectious rhythm that we can’t help but bop our heads to, we begin to move into J-Rez’s verse. He brings forward another interesting aspect to “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)” by slowing down the flow but giving us a sincere and reflective feel through his polished delivery. Both Jaq Havoq and J-Rez bring such excitement to “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)” while letting us find the power and confidence within ourselves. v

You can discover "Wanted (feat. J-Rez)" here.

Hey Jaq Havoq, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re blown away by your enthusiasm and energy you deliver on your recent single “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)”. What made you want to release a high energy, almost pump up song?

I’ve always used music to help get myself in the right mindset, or to hype myself up. Whether it’s getting ready to compete in sports, or just get the most out of a workout. I wanted to give my fans a song that provided them with a boost of energy. A song that helped them get the most out of whatever they were doing. I try to create different types of songs that work well in a variety of atmospheres & moods. This one was made with the intention to provide confidence and hype people up!

With regards to your single “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)”, Jaq Havoq is accompanied by J-Rez within the track. Could you share what the creative process was like, and how you wanted J-Rez to bring another intriguing factor to the single?

J Rez and I performed at a few different showcases together and I saw right away the passion he put into his music. We talked about doing a collab at some point, but nothing concrete came together until he came to the studio to hear some music I was working on. I showed him a couple of tracks in hopes he would connect with one of them. Thankfully, he started bouncing to “Wanted” right away, so we made plans to make that our collab. He actually wrote his verse within a couple hours of leaving the studio, but I felt that the subject matter didn’t quite gel with the rest of the track, so I asked him if he’d re-write it. He was a beauty about it and gladly wrote a new one. I was excited when I heard the revised verse because he absolutely nailed it the second go around! 

We’ve heard the Jaq Havoq fell in love with figuring out difficult metaphors and messages within songs. Are there any underlying messages or meanings within “Wanted (feat. J-Rez)” that you’d like to highlight?

I truly believe that if you want to be the best, you have to believe wholeheartedly you can be the best. That isn’t to say it won’t take an insane amount of work and dedication, but without that supreme confidence, it won’t happen no matter how hard you work. It may not happen even if you have both work ethic & supreme confidence, but it 100% won’t happen if you’re missing one or the other. There isn’t any underlying story behind this particular song, but it’s about having that mindset. It’s about how J Rez and I have that mindset. We’re just getting started.

We’ve noticed that since Jaq Havoq began releasing music in 2018, you’ve really worked hard to release a variety of songs within a short period of time. Do you think your music has changed or evolved at all since your initial debut release?

Absolutely! I’m constantly developing and experimenting with new styles and sounds. I continue to improve my skill set with each song, and I think it shows. At this point, my focus is to make music I connect with, no matter the direction it takes me. My upcoming album “Mood Swings” showcases the variety of styles I’ve been playing around with. The album has a few songs that would be considered more Pop influenced, then there are others that are closer to R&B, and then of course some that are strictly Rap, like the style we did for Wanted. Regardless of a person's preferred genre, I know there’s at least one song on my album they’ll enjoy. If not, they don’t know good music.