Jasmine McMorran Delivers Immense Strength with Her Delicate Single, "Upon the Holidays"

Hailing from Vermont, the persistent and tenacious Artist and Singer/Songwriter Jasmine McMorran takes listeners on a sweet lyrical journey with her hit, "Upon the Holidays," off her album, "Paris Hindsight 22."

Writing songs since the mere age of nine, Jasmine McMorran has spent countless hours tweaking her craft to deliver sound and wise messages to her audience. Getting experimental with her latest album "Paris Hindsight 22," McMorran stated that the project offers vast dream-pop atmospheres with hints of soulful Alternative.

Through her recent hit, "Upon the Holidays," Jasmine McMorran spills her heart and soul for listeners to find their sweet-escape. Through ambient instrumentals and slight use of jingle bells, Jasmine McMorran gears us up for the reflective holidays alongside her emotional lyricism that pulls on each of our heartstrings.

"Upon the Holidays" opens with tender acoustic guitar melodies accompanied by a warm string section floating in the background. As Jasmine McMorran begins to deliver her unique and airy vocals, she starts to paint delicate pictures of losing yourself amid someone's love.

While continuing to drench the song in emotional turmoil and heart, McMorran serenades the listener surrounding her sound message of finding herself once over. While the song sonically escalates with soft jingle bells and sparkling effects, Jasmine McMorran is blissfully transporting us into a warm and welcoming space with each vulnerable lyric she spills.

With a powerful breakup tune, "Upon the Holidays," Jasmine McMorran allows listeners to bask in the heavy emotions she delivers while inviting them into the safe and warm space she provides with this tender single.

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Hello Jasmine, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We love the passion and emotion you've delivered with your song, "Upon the Holidays." What inspired the song's lyrical concept, and what did you want listeners to take away for themselves?

I really appreciate that. I think a huge inspiration for the song’s lyrical concept was to empower other people to stand up for themselves and recognize that they’re not alone over the holidays. My hope with “Upon the Holidays,” was to bring a holiday song that goes deeper than what’s traditionally on the radio. I wanted it to be a fierce, festive song about empowerment.

Your lyricism within "Upon the Holidays" strikes an emotional chord within us. Was it difficult to write about such heavy and personal topics when composing the lyrics for this tender single?

It’s wonderful to hear that it was moving. The writing process definitely took some time. I had written the song on a December morning in Paris and actually changed the lyrics to make it seem happier. Later on, I went back to the lyrics I originally wrote - and wanted that rawness and truth to end up on the album to give a listener something that could make them feel heard and inspired over the holidays. Looking back, this song was definitely the validation I needed and I hope it can be the same for my fans.

Speaking on the delicate instrumentals within "Upon the Holidays," how did you craft the instrumentation to be so spacious and soothing? Would you say this is a usual sound for your brand?

Thank you, quite an accomplishment to know I achieved that. The instrumentation was a big process. I started with playing my guitar on the track and then added the piano to be in sync with the guitar. With the violin synths, I wanted the violins to follow after the other instruments, almost in an offbeat strategy which I think helped with adding more of an open space/surround sound. With the bells, I actually went to the extreme of dancing while tapping on the keyboard in hopes of making it bright and upbeat. I guess you could say I get really into the music-making process. Overall, I think my brand has definitely evolved to become more meditative and spacious— something that listeners will hear throughout the whole album. Anywhere from space/galaxy sounding song to a French ballad where I sing along with only a piano, bass, and orchestra called “J’ai Peur.”

"Upon the Holidays" is an incredibly heartfelt and emotional track. How does it fit into your album "Paris Hindsight 22?" How does the song complement the album's overall concept?

Thank you very much. As a whole, Paris Hindsight 22 is going to be an emotional album. “Upon the Holidays” was one theme I wanted to put in the album and is actually the main inspiration for naming the album Paris Hindsight 22 from that day writing down lyrics on a piece of paper in Paris. Every track has its own storyline, with themes of love in “Soulmate” for instance, as well as individuals struggling with substance abuse in “Under the Stars” and “Brave the Storm,” in addition to themes of life and death in “J’ai Peur” and more.

What has been keeping you inspired and creative throughout this difficult year?

I think the fact that this year was so difficult and unpredictable for so many of us, a lot of thoughts and emotions ended up on paper for me. There’s still a lot of song ideas from this time period on my phone for a later time to record. I guess amidst the chaos, I found purpose in creating and sharing compositions. I think hobbies, pets, and the little positives in life help a lot during this time period. I’m thankful that music has been my greatest outlet.