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Jasmine Seveah Gives Us Latest Single “Note to Self”

15 year old Jasmine Seveah is well beyond her years. She’s lyrically mesmerizing with her ability to guide her listener through the emotions and passion of her inner thoughts and feelings. She’s been determined to transform her life struggles into an inspiring list of compositions that will serve her as a reminder to never give up.

Jasmine Seveah released her single “Note to Self” and we were completely shocked. Jasmine’s talent and skill is unbelievably mature and professional and gave us a better insight on the potential she’s equipped with. Jasmine Seveah is an artist who will, with no doubt in mind, strive herself to reach her full potential and she’s already proven that with “Note to Self”. “Note to Self” felt like a personal diary written by Jasmine that’s dedicated to herself and what she’s aiming to accomplish. “Keep trying, keep praying, keep saying, everything is gonna be alright. This is a note to myself” it was a beautiful way to express the feelings of Jasmine Seveah. She also touches her listener with her encompassing beautiful voice that expands through the high vocal register. The listener is able to connect with Jasmine Seveah and also relate to the motivational lyrics and inspiring message she’s projecting. She delivers this song in a smooth-sailing R&B projection with a silk-like texture and delicate soul surrounding the articulation of her voice. Jasmine Seveah is undeniably the next big thing and she strives to transcend and inspire you in a mental state of positivity and hope.

Stream "Note to Self" here, and keep scrolling for Jasmine's exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic!


Hello Jasmine and welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your new debut single! Can you tell us what motivated you start creating music?

I originally started creating music as a way for me to be able to cope from my anxiety. Every since I was little I have had severe anxiety and nothing could calm me down; until I started writing songs! It is my way to escape and put my thoughts into something amazing. 

Tell us about your single “Note to Self”! What was the creation process like?

Note To Self started out as just an idea and I didn’t know if I was even going to produce it. Then I realized that this could help a lot of people going through any struggle so almost immediately I got recording. I spent about 2 days up in the studio recording and then they mixed it. I love how it turned out.

What would you like your new fans to know about you?

I would like my new fans to know that I have struggled with anxiety like many of them have and I want them to know that I am always here for them. Weather it be to just have someone to talk to or you need to vent. Whatever it is I am here! 

Where you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration came from my family and my faith. A few years ago I wouldn’t sing in front of anyone but my family was the ones who enabled me to gain this confidence. Also with going to church, I get my strength from God! If it wasn’t for him. I wouldn’t be here today! 

What’s can we expect next from you Jasmine?

In the late months of summer you can be expecting some more content that I have been working super hard on! All of my up and coming music is one for the books!


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