Jason Arias Stuns With “Shine” Ft. Matt Arias

Jason Arias is a talented musician based out of Riverside, California. Jason started playing drums in his local church when he was about 13. In his junior year of highschool, he began playing his music production but he never dreamed of taking it to the level he’s at now. Thanks to his best friend Ricardo, in 2014 he convinced Jason that his music was good enough to start releasing and we’re so thankful he did! A year later his Debut EP “The Sixth Year” was released. He released my debut album “Contact “ under Calmex and decided after that to become an independent artist and release his music 100% himself. Arias creates music that can give the listener a type of escapism from the real world, a place to turn everything off and let the mind go off on its own journey.

Jason Arias’ newest single “Shine” ft. Matt Arias is a powerful and meaningful emotional ballad that anyone can relate to. His echoing vocals and hypnotizing melodies will have you captivated from start to finish. Jason Arias is an expert at creating and performing music in such a way that her fans are hooked. The radiant sound, alluring backbeats and orchestral melodies give off a chill vibe while still keeping the theme of the song relevant. The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, this admirable quality make “Shine” an extremely versatile track. It’s a soothing ballad with undertones of emotive lyricism and flawless vocals delivered by Matt Arias. The fusion of sonics blend effortlessly, they’re simple yet beautiful. Jason Arias shows raw vulnerability and sheer honesty throughout “Shine”. His musical background, upbringing and experience precedes him. With so much success and natural talent, Jason Arias is on her way to the top! 

Check out “Shine” ft Matt Arias here!


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