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Jasper’s Riddle Serenades Us With New Tune “The River”

Jasper's Riddle is an "acoustic storybook" by composer and multi-instrumentalist L. S. Zeickner. The project began in 2012 and is centred on storytelling through music and art. Jasper’s riddle released his single “The River”, A progressed and cinematic sound that will give you the chills! “The River” begins with an acoustic melody with an atypical and idiosyncratic nature to the tune. While the augmented chords from the acoustic guitar develops, Jasper Riddle’s chilling and hauntingly beautiful raspy vocals transitions in.

His voice is smooth-sailing however it has dark grit and deep dynamics. Jasper takes us by surprise as he showcases his ability to transition into your high falsetto notes. He transitions up and down his register so smoothly without a sense of struggle it makes it seem like singing is just second nature to him. His voice reminds me of how artists like Daniel Caesar and Brent Faiyaz vocals translates across their music. The signature and incredibly talented voice Jasper Riddle’s has is so riveting and canorous it eventually evokes you to want to hear not only the song over and over again, but longs you for more of his music. “The River” is the song that you can lay down, relax, and let the record serenade you into peace.

Listen to "The River" here and get to know Jasper's Riddle in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey there! My name's Lukas Shinjiro Osarobo Zeickner, but I go by L. S. Zeickner for short.

How did you form the name “Jasper’s Riddle” ? any inspiration behind it?

Jasper's Riddle was the name of a novel I started writing a couple of years ago. At the time I wasn't in a position to finish writing it so I decided I would incorporate the story into my music as a series of individual short stories. Over time the project evolved into a multi-layered "storybook", with each song acting as both a standalone story and as part of a larger interlocking tale- featuring a series of accompanying artwork and visual clues in my videos. 

Your voice is INCREDIBLE. Have you ever had any vocal training or has it always been second nature to you?

Thank you so much for saying so! I haven't had vocal training but my mum is a singer who always encouraged both me and my brother Harry to sing as kids. I grew up listening to a lot of alternative rock and metal music thanks to my brother, and other genres like country, RnB and Nigerian jazz thanks to my mom. I also loved musicals (still do)- The sound of music, the old Disney movies.. When I was 14 I was listening to a lot of operas as well, so I guess I just picked up different ways of singing.

Do you aim to create stories within all your music?

Yes- I enjoy this multi-faceted aspect of Jasper's Riddle because people can enjoy the music, the stories and the paintings together or separately. And they never know what to expect next.

Some of my stories are very literal, like 'Thunderbird'. The River is a more complicated story because it deals with themes that are a bit darker and harder to talk about. There are themes surrounding depression, and isolation and faith in God. Its a song that means a lot to me because it's the first song I ever talked about that stuff. The song is actually dedicated to Jeff Buckley- I remember reading about how he died, that he'd drowned in a river accidentally. I just sat there and felt this thing in my chest, and I knew the song was about him. I wrote it 3 years before I knew anything about how he died.

What advice would you have for other upcoming indie artists?

Always stay true to your art and remember why you started writing. When people first start to listen to your music, something scary can happen - it's exciting and humbling, but at the same time it can be intimidating to feel like you have new expectations to live up to. You have to remember it's all in your head - people are listening to you because they liked who you were to begin with.


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