Jax Malcolm Gets Us Dancing in Funky Spin-Off to “Run Run Rudolph”

American born artist Jax Malcolm is well known for his many talents, which range from actor/director and writer/designer to singer and competitive swimmer. Wow! Man has really got it all going on. We're incredibly impressed with his fluidity as an artist and overall as an individual. Born in West Covina, California, the 16-year-old has racked up 5 film-making awards along with many nominations for his innovative work. Not only does he appear on “Conversation Invasion”, which is a multi-award winning Youtube series that teaches environmental stewardship to children, but he is a member of the GENZ GIRLS x GENZ GUYS, where he works alongside many brands which promote positivity, create effective messages and make the world a better place. 

Multi-talented Jax Malcolm is sliding into this Christmas season with joy and playfulness through his release capturing his rendition of “Run Run Rudolph”. This new release takes a Christmas classic to another new level. Bringing more of an electrifying sound, Jax shows off his unique vibrant vocals and gives the song a positive and pleasant vibe. He takes a very famous folksy singalong song and flips it into a more fun and mature version. Released at the greatest time of the year, this new single will probably have you singing and dancing along, especially if you're a fan of the Christmas song classics. “Run Run Rudolph” has put us right into the Christmas spirit (only the ones who weren't already in it yet)!

Check "Run Run Rudolph" out here.

Hey Jax, Welcome to BuzzMusic. For such a very impressive multi-talented 16 years old, tell us how your journey has been over the years and how you've gotten to where you are today? I started my entertainment career when I was 5 years old. I told my parents of my intentions and they helped me get my first agent. A large part of my success is due in part to my team I have worked with most of them since I was 7 they have been able to help me grow as a performer as I've gotten older, along with putting in tons and tons of hard work to see my dreams become a reality.

“Run Run Rudolph” is a very popular Christmas tune, What inspired you to create your own version of it?

Run Run Rudolph is my favorite holiday song, and I love Chuck Berry as a performer and vocalist, it was a great fit for a fun holiday song!

What have been some of the biggest struggles for you throughout your life? How did you overcome them?

Not many people are aware I have a learning disability. I have an auditory processing disorder, and this affects my life in many ways. I have difficulties with reading, writing, and even responding to people in a timely manner when they ask questions (like this interview) because it takes my brain longer to process or understand what I am seeing, reading, or hearing. The way I deal with it is not to let my learning disability stop me from pursuing my dream even though it may be harder for me to read a script or hear a note correctly I don't let that stop me I just dedicate a little more time and a lot more effort to get it right.

This single portrays your ability to take a classical Rock-n-Roll song and put a unique spin on it. Do you see yourself exploring other genres in the future?

Absolutely I was in the studio last week recording a classic "crooner" single that will be released at the beginning of January.

Thank so much for chatting with us Jax. What's next for you in 2020? 

I have several things in development for 2020 4 more songs are planned along with an original EP for my music, I am in talks with several brands to bring my fashion line #Trident by Jax Malcolm to the retail market, my original sketch series "Sketch on the Green," is in pre-production and will release in 2020, and I'm really excited about the press trip I'm going on with Zstar Digital and the Gen Z Social Summit's GenZGirls x GenZGuys we are headed to Mexico's Riveria Nayarit for an amazing vacation with my friends and I can't wait!