Jaxx James Brings a New Perspective to the Hip Hop Scene With "Red Velvet"

Emerging Hip Hop artist Jaxx James hails from Phoenix, Arizona, where he synthesizes his newfound passion for music and applies it to his recent creations. Jaxx James is bringing interesting components into the rap scene we know and hear today, mainly with his production stylings. The production of his tracks sounds unique to anything we've heard before from Hip Hop and Rap artists. There's undoubtedly a raw element to the vocal outflow of Jaxx James, which we know is due to his fresh perspective in the music world. With the release of his album "Neon Cowboy", Jaxx James presents his artistic capabilities to his new listening base!

Jaxx James has come out with his track "Red Velvet" right from his album "Neon Cowboy". This particular track off the record has integrated a distinctive autotune, but in a way where it fits in well with the production. You know some rap tracks that obsessively incorporate autotune and it feels completely fabricated? We don't get that feeling at all with Jaxx James, and especially not in "Red Velvet". The track itself has a consistent beat with elements of the flute embedded within the production, which we found to attribute to the overall ambiance of the track incredibly well. "Red Velvet" is Jaxx James' track that's a little more rambunctious and energized than what the other tracks off of his album have to offer. We suggest you check out the work of Jaxx James if you're a fan in the Hip/Hop and Rap music scene!

Discover "Red Velvet" here.

Hey there, Jaxx James! What a year 2019 was for you artistically with the release of "Neon Cowboy"! From the album, which track was your preferred one to perform live?

I really am proud of the entire album but a personal favorite for me is "cowboy". It really hits home for me and the smooth style of how the track rides is my style.

"Red Velvet" had such a sense of flow and a calm hype to it. What kind of atmosphere were you hoping to pass onto your listeners with this particular track?

The main point I was looking for in "red velvet" was trust. I also thought it could be such a smooth but powerful hit as soon as I recorded it.

Can you describe how you feel how the music scene in Phoenix right now is aiding towards your growth as an artist? Do you feel inspired by the kind of music predominantly seen throughout the Arizona state?

Oh most definitely, Phoenix is just dying for a big star to break out. Its helped me grow a lot with other great competition. It's one of the fastest-growing cities and you have other great artists like my friend "CincoTheWolf".

Artistically, you're known for bringing in various genres within your music, in order to strive for that more versatile sounding. What kind of elements do you believe are integral to that versatile sound you aim to achieve?

Just having an open mind. I believe all music is a beautiful art. It's important as artists to listen to all types of music.

We've heard that your second album is in the works! When is it set to debut?! How are you approaching this album contrastingly from "Neon Cowboy"?

Yes, I'm aiming for a late summer release maybe in July. I've definitely learned from a few mistakes and this album will show a lot of growth this summer. Get ready for an all-new Jaxx!

We hope that 2020 is good for you, Jaxx James! Where are you headed from here, besides the cultivation of your second album?

Just trying to grow my fan base and hopefully, start touring as an independent artist.