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Jay Against Humanity Is Bringing Back Feel Good Music With “All Because Of You”

Jay Against Humanity is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. His 6th project Kash Kold 3 was just released April 16th, 2019. He’s a known backpack rapper because of his lyrical capabilities.

Jay Against Humanity's new hit “All Because Of You” will most certainly be a song to remember. The initial hook brought a sudden urge to smile. The delightful vibe, the joyfulness in the vocalist voice, and the compassionate energy being shared, It was just refreshing to hear. Jay Against Humanity’s rap flow as a clean-slated, lyrically possessed, and laid-back energetic vibration, floating beautifully across the “Feel-good” beat. “All Because Of You” is a song you can dedicate to a lover, and enjoy each other's presence and for you single folks! Don’t even worry, All Because Of You is so radiating of positive energy, you can still enjoy this song to its fullest extent alone! It even has a nice funky rhythm to the beat. It was highly seasoned and cultured. I just envisioned playing this record at every family function, clapping, dancing, and just enjoying the moment and presence of loved ones! Jay is bringing back the feel-good music we love!

Listen to “All Because Of You” here and get to know more about Jay Against Humanity below!

Hey there Jay Against Humanity! You have a super cool artist name, what inspired it?

My first rap name was LiL JaY which was an acronym for Living In Loneliness Just Another Youth. Then I saw so many rappers with Lil Jay I decided to switch it up to differentiate myself. I was playing Cards Against Humanity one day and was like man Jay Against Humanity would be cold. It stands for Just Another Youth Against Humanity.

Tell us about your 6th project Kash Kold 3? What could our listeners expect from this!?

Kash Kold 3 is a special mixtape since I released half of it online but the whole tape you have to buy it from me personally. It’s only $7 but it’s quality. If you want the full tape you can hit me up on Instagram @spriteboyjay. It has turn up music, a pop record, lyrical content in all the songs. I express my feelings at the time of creating the songs for the tape.

In what ways do this project differentiate from your earlier releases?

It is my mind at the time like how I feel and it is one of only two projects and the only one from the Kash Kold series to have features.

“All Because Of You” was a refreshing song! What was the theme behind it?

I actually had this song for months. I had Croft do the hook and bridge and all that and I started dealing with this woman named Shay and how I felt about her was displayed in that record and a couple more on Kash Kold 3.

When can we anticipate your 7th project!?

My next project will be my debut album I expect to have more features, R and B, and more structured content. I want my album to be a classic one with no skippables.


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