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Jay Foster Showcases His High Energy and Atmospheric Release "However"

Jay Foster is a Chicago based artist who's music is a depiction of Jay and how he feels. His music consists of atmospheric grooves with melodies and a flow that switches between high energy and something more nonchalant.

Jay Foster's latest release "However" delivers exactly what he promised and brings a flavorful release that features detuning bells that are manipulated with reversed effects, a thundering 808 drum kit, and dynamic raw vocals that speak in a nonchalant vibe. The vocals are the key highlight in "However." Jays' vocals have an almost freestyle feeling to them, they open with a hook that evolves with background adlibs and then slowly transitions into a vibing verse that feels as if it's a whole group of friends adding in their accents during the studio session. The record closes off with the initial hook again but then swiftly switches to a lo-fi drum rhythm and the vocals break out into a chatter that radiates tons of energy, it was clear that Jay knew that he just laid off a solid vocal take in the studio and was proud of himself. "However" is a song that is short and sweet and perfectly executes Jay Foster's message to his listeners.

Listen to "However" here.

Hey there Jay Foster! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're loving the soundscape you created with "However"! How did you come to the underlying groove that you made? Were there any influences behind it? I feel welcome, thank you for having me. All credits go to my boy Char that produced “However”. Setting the tone so I can lay it all on the canvas. Making However I was into a lot of people because individuals always find a way to get on my bad side. “However” is mainly me telling so and so to stop pocket watching and make your own moves. There wasn’t really any influence behind this track more so just motivation.  There is an intricate lyricism and a unique flow happening with this release, what went into the lyrics being written? How do these lyrics resonate with you and your story? Like I said previously this song is for people that are always worried about the next person. So they can never get a bag for real. I’ve been leveled headed on this come up. If I was always wondering what the next person got going I wouldn’t be me. My OG told me growing up “Surround yourself with people that got the same ambition and aspirations as you”. I only keep brothers with me I don’t really do the friendships. Chicago definitely has deep Hip-Hop roots in the city, how has being in that area influenced the music that you are creating? Do you have any idols from around there that you look up to? Being in the underground scene in Chicago has shown me so many great Artists with unique Styles. There’s still a lot of untapped potentials out there. definitely be looking out for my boy Sidaka I learned a lot from bro. Also look out for Dontbekendall, Lowerlipdrip and Eric Sampsun and many more. Oh shouts out to two of my favorite artists from Chicago too. Icytwat and lucky I’ve been listening to both of them for years. Icytwat definitely had some influence on some of my beat choices dude goes crazy.

We heard that your flow is generally something that's more nonchalant or something that has more drive to it. How do you decide what style to go for in your songs? Do you ever experiment from one or the other with each song and find what works best?

Yea I always gotta switch the flow up especially when I’m making these many songs. But I usually just freestyle over the beat to see how I’m gonna come on it. Or I’ll just Hum the melody to try and catch it.

The style usually just comes to me it’s more like instinct now. But I’ve been getting back into writing though I feel that’s when I’m at my best. I always experiment with my music to see what sounds better. I’m also thinking about the listener's point of view so I usually test the song out on other speakers' cars, phones, computers, and speakers all that.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Y’all should expect a lot of growth from me this year I’m really just networking right now trying to get some connections. I’m definitely still gonna be on my Ps And Qs Music coming soon. The project may be dropping this summer. Just work through all this extra sh*t going on. I’ve locked in my peoples locked in. I’m gonna be up soon no doubt

If I keep moving how I’m moving the distractions always gonna be there but I’m way too focused at the moment. Again thank you for having me.

Go stream ”However” on all platforms. Now.


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