Jay Greene Came For The Rap Game In Full Force This Year

After releasing his single “Back to Rap” and essentially knocking the proverbial dust off his microphone, Jay Greene has been consistently focused and writing his music nonstop. He doesn’t have any official plans for an album but has been dropping music after music alongside performing constantly. His most recent releases “ Greene Apple” & “Ginsu” is proof that this decorated combat vet is ready to take the proverbial fight to the mainstream rap industry. Both songs showcase Jay Greene’s hard emcee skills alongside his creative aspect to his artistry that allows him to shine brighter than most.

Jay Greene has the ability to grab your attention, reel you in, and keep you 100% invested in him and his music. His attractive sound, appeal, and brand are perfect for captivating the general public. Jay Greene blends together the contemporary trendy beats with the old school and raw delivery & lyricism that makes him a standout artist compared to most. Jay Greene has everything it takes to be on the top of his game with the musicality to complement his impressive caliber of skills. It’s always amazing watching an artist come up and see how well they take control of their success, Jay Greene is uncertainly the rapper to be on the lookout for.

Listen to Jay Greene's music here.

Hey Jay Greene! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we’re excited to have you on our platform. Before you began pursuing music, what was the inspiration that initially drove you to do this?

I don’t remember my life without Hip Hop. The first rap song I ever heard was LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad”, from there my love for the art form of rapping grew. Watching and listening to my uncle rap in the early days inspired too. 

Let’s talk more in-depth about your music! You released an EP titled “Back To Rap.” tell us more about this record and the vision you had for this song?

“Back To Rap” has a double meaning. Personally, the project was my reintroduction into rap. I had given up on my dream years ago and when I decided to pick the mic up again, I was coming “Back To Rap”. The other side of that coin is the current climate of rap music today isn’t really about the skill of rapping like it was when I was coming up during the golden era and 2000s. I wanted “Back to Rap” to just get back to hard beats and dope bars. No singing and definitely no damn auto-tune.

In what ways does “Back To Rap” differentiate from your other releases like “Greene Apple” and “Ginsu”?

Recording Back to Rap was my first time behind a mic in a very long time. I think the biggest difference between that project and the songs that followed it was how comfortable I get the more I’m in the booth. Uptempo battle rap songs are usually the theme of my music, so that’s always gonna be consistently dope. 

What are some of the main challenges and obstacles you face when creating a song and in what ways do you overcome these challenges?

The biggest obstacle for me is finding a beat I can get excited about. These days everyone is rapping over the same recycled trap beat and finding a producer that wants to make something different can be a task in itself.

Which song out of your 2019 releases do you feel best represented your artistry the most? Explain why!

Right now “Ginsu” stays on repeat not because it’s my latest single but it’s a fun song to turn the radio up to. It has that 2000’s feel to it and it so won't sound like anything on the radio and that’s always a good thing cause most of what’s on the radio is garbage. 

Thank you for sharing Jay Greene! How do you plan to spend your holidays this year?

My holidays are usually spent watching “Die Hard and “A Christmas Story” eating everything in sight and enjoying my family.