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Jay Greene Is Back With That “Ginsu” Precision

Taking every bit of influence he could from his uncle and reputable emcee, L.A.P, up and coming hip-hop lyricist and rapper Jay Greene began pursuing his musical career after his uncle was sent to prison. His need to keep his family’s legacy alive was the main drive that got him started with such ambition. Based in San Jose, California, Jay Greene can deliver an array of styles based on his diverse musical influences. After joining the Army at 19 and being deployed to Iraq in 2006, Jay Greene created his first album in between combat mission. With modern trap music on the rise, his album didn’t receive the feedback he had hoped and ultimately lead to Jay’s hiatus from the rap game. Back from a long hiatus, Jay released his first single “Back To Rap” which amassed nothing but success. Now he’s gearing up to take the music industry by storm and release single after single of new music.

Ginsu” is Jay Greene’s brand new track and we can’t get enough of his sound. The track expertly weaves through elements of powerful hip-hop verses. Jay Greene exudes undeniable confidence and authentic grit throughout the entire track. Being able to put pen to paper and create emotive and powerful lyrics then match those lyrics to a catchy beat AND make it alluring and connection seeking for the listener is a true talent! Jay Greene showcases his skills as an admirable, talented and spectacular hip-hop artist. He consistently proves he belongs at the top. He remains modest but he has big things coming! I highly recommend you check out “Ginsu’” and the rest of his impressive repertoire.

Listen to “Ginsu” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jay Greene! We love that you originally got started in the music industry to pay tribute to your uncle who could no longer release music. What do you incorporate into your new music that continues his rap legacy?

“I think just continuing to spit dope bars and not sell out to what’s “popping” gets a thumbs up from him”.

We love the confidence and swagger you exude throughout “Ginsu”! Can you dive into the main themes behind this track?

I absolutely hate the word “Swagger”, but for real the theme is simple. A Ginsu is a chef’s knife. I used to see the Infomercials for them back in the day and those things would cut through literally anything. Anyway, the idea of having rhymes sharp enough to cut through any beat was the theme I was aiming for. Taking the focus off the material bullshit and putting it back on the ability to deliver bars. 

From an artist’s perspective, what was your favorite part about creating your new track “Ginsu”? How did you know when it was truly finished?

The energy of the beat made writing it fun for me. Beats these days are pretty low tempo and boring. This beat reminded me of a early 2000’s “hitmen” type track. When the beat actually drops I can hear Diddy saying “Bad Boy”, It just has that kind of feel to it. Ginsu is a track you have to force yourself to stop writing to. For me, when I’m having fun with the writing process I’ll write twice as many verses to it. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like it’s finished but I’m pretty happy with the finished product. 

Your intense energy is clear through the speakers but what is your live stage presence like?

I’m not a animated performer, I don’t have the cardio for all that shit. No matter how good a shape I’m in, I get winded pretty quickly. I tend to borrow a lot of my onstage presence from Hov. He doesn’t do a lot of jumping around and all that and his shows are still electric. Fade to black is my goto film for developing my live performance. 

We really appreciate you chatting with us about your incredible music! What’s next for you artistically? Does your creativity manifest itself in other ways?

What’s next for me? Music, music and more music. I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of just slinging these singles so don’t expect me to slow down on that. 


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