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Jay Luke Stuns on Latest Single and Call to Action, “Killing Time”

Rock and Roll artist Jay Luke has been performing and writing music since the year 2003 as he continues to perfect his craft with every new album and single. Through performing with other successful artists like Duff Mckagan of Guns N' Roses, and Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, he gained the skills to craft rhythmic tracks and vocals and was able to use available studio time to jumpstart his solo career.

His newest single “Killing Time,” showcases the variety of musical styles Luke is capable of and creates an exciting, on-your-feet listening experience.

The growing guitar and drum beat create a strong soundtrack that holds late 90’s rock vibes while a variety of guitar solos enhance the musicality and encapsulates listeners. It is only fitting that this track, a song about not wasting a second of our utmost precious time is released in early 2021, and with lyrics like “you think you’re killing time until you realize it’s killing you” listeners are encouraged to get up and move and take advantage of the time we have.

“Killing Time,” is Luke’s second single to be released on top of an array of successful albums and other showcasing pieces, and with his background of success, it's only a matter of time before more highly-streamed tracks come to light with his third album being set to release in early March.

Your new song “Killing Time” is an exciting and energizing way to put a new perspective on listeners to not waste a second. What was the process like behind the creation of this track?

The genesis of this song came to me when I had a moment where I heard some news I wanted to share with a friend, only to be hit in the gut that my friend had passed away. Certain times you forget that the people you are so used to turning to are going even when it may be years you still feel somewhere in your mind that they are still here. As this occurrence happened to me more and more realizing that the only way to speak to my friends again is either with an Ouija board or in my dreams I began to write this song. I felt that it is encouraging to not waste a moment of time because it is so precious you never know when the expiration date will sneak up on you. The process of creating the song is basically that of finding you don't know what you had until it's no longer with you.

You’ve had a lot of success over the past 10 years in the music industry with various experiences being added to your resume, how would you say these opportunities have shaped your sound as an artist and specifically in this newest track “Killing Time?"

I have hit some milestones especially over this last year which actually baffles me. My online streams are now approaching 200,000 and the single I released last year "Trapped In Your Cell" is almost at 60,000 streams. So these numbers are staggering to me. I can't express my gratitude that my music hit a nerve to a global audience. These experiences along with countless shows and all sorts of appearances have made me focus more on the quality of my lyrics and music. I feel once you find an idea or a feeling you put out there is grabbed on to by someone whether it is local or across the planet, I think it is my responsibility to continue to excel and not rest upon past glory. So many people tend to become satisfied and they lose that creative spark. I am of the belief that the best thing I will do is always going to be the next song or next album.

Each of your tracks has had a unique meaning behind it that guides listeners through the song, would you say this is your inspiration as you write, or do these meanings come to you after the emotion of songwriting?

I think it is sort of a roll of the dice with how a song is put together. Most of the time not one is ever done with the same formula. There are times when some new riff sort of falls right out of your guitar and you go full speed ahead to structure a song. Othertimes a flash of inspiration hits where I write the lyrics faster than the ink can dry on the paper. It is really just about not losing even the smallest spark of creativity once it hits. I live in a house with post-it notes full of some lyrics like wallpaper, some are a phrase or some maybe a few lines and when I sit down it is like grabbing them all and assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Out of the long list of artists you have had the pleasure of performing with and for, who would you say was your favorite and why?

While I wouldn't downplay any artist I shared a stage with I would have to say to perform onstage with Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses would easily be the highlight for me. I remember being in Second grade when GNR hit like a stick of dynamite in a stale music world and never dreamed one day I would be playing a show with anyone in that band, I mean for quite some time they were the literal biggest band in the world. With that you always run the risk of people saying "Don't meet your heroes, they tend to let you down with their egos" and luckily for me, Duff was the most grounded and down-to-earth guy out there. So many lesser musicians I played with always made it seem like you owed them something for breathing the same air as them, and here is a guy who dominated the globe with so many amazing songs and he was so genuine and interested in talking. So for me performing with Duff was the best.

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