Jay Mundo Just Threw Himself into The Game with “Bagg ‘Em”

First off, that lower than low 808 beat locks this track down. Jay Mundo is bringing severe stature on his latest release, "Bagg 'Em." Mundo unleashes his rhymes with dominance and bull's eye precession. "Bagg 'Em," Mundo's latest creation of envisioned rap/ hip-hop uses the descriptive imagery of a fast-paced life, stuck in the hustle of the city. Mundo brings the character to life, one who lives their life staying on top of their game and hits life hard and fast. A meek rapper wouldn't be able to spout these rhymes, let alone bring them to life. Mundo is asserting himself into the hip hop game with bold and audacious rhymes. And a killer 808 beat, it's defiantly worth noting twice.

Jay began working as a producer in 2012 for local artists in the Chicago area, sharing his ideas and brainstorming with other artists; Jay immersed himself in the music lifestyle. Jay's originality and cunning take on hip hop are garnering him the attention of several prominent local artists. His fresh, artistic vision makes him one of hip hops' one to be watched.' We can't wait to see what Jay Mundo releases next.

Discover “Bagg ‘Em” here.

Hi Jay, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congrats on your new release “Bag ‘Em.” Can you explain your connection to the song?

During the process of recording this project I wanted to step into an area I have never explored. I usually take into consideration what’s popular when I record. This time for my newest EP, GUMGUM, I did a lot of experimentation with the different beats and flows I was using. BAGG ‘EM is me looking to make something with less substance and more hip hop feeling. In this song specifically I'm trying to reach outside of my usual listener base. I guess It’s another level of me expressing my creativity in a more liberated fashion. Big words. 

You seem to have connected and collaborated with several Chicago based artists. What has the music community there meant to you as an artist?

First, shoutout to all the artists I have worked with. All of them were the shit and the work we’ve done has been amazing. But to be honest, the music community in Chicago isn’t really much of a community. While certain areas of the city have people who sometimes share the same vision, the majority of the time people don’t. Where I’m from more specifically people seem to be in it for their own personal gain. Not for the love of the craft or looking to make the best possible content, but more for clout and bandwagoning. The entire city is basically like this. There isn’t much coming together in Chicago. That’s not to say I don’t I appreciate what some comedians around the way are trying to do socially. Korporate, Skinbone, even Chance are all doing great things for the inner city communities with their work on the South and West sides. But the music community in Chicago is more of a free for all. 

What gets your creative juices flowing? What overcomes you to put pen to paper?

Experience. New experiences, seeing new things, doing new things. I look at music as art. I know that’s corny to say nowadays, and a lot of people say the same thing especially with the way social media works. I look at art as something deeply personal to me. With music, I try to express myself and see what lands with people. I’m doing my own thing when I’m in the booth. I’m usually able to write and freestyle based on how I’m feeling. That’s often how most of my songs are created, off of feelings or vibes. Trying to transfer those same moods and bring people together in a weird We Are The World kind of way. There are a handful of people who inspire me and help me find a direction, sure, but it’s usually me trying to translate how I'm feeling in the moment into a song. 

Is there a particular artist that has influenced your style and direction?

I feel like it’s impossible to have just one. I have several. My big ones for creativity are Mac Miller, Juice WRLD, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and Big. A lot of different people, events, items, really anything all inspire me. I typically look to those when I’m lacking inspiration or my creativity isn’t working the way I want it to. I genuinely enjoy the process so it’s kind of different.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More content than I’ve ever released before. Music, videos, photos, social media, more showing myself to the world. I’m a pretty out-there person, but I’ve been pretty isolated up to this point. I want to put a face to my name on a larger scale and make sure that the entire We Live Young Forever team is on another level by the end of this year.