Jay Nomad Proves His Genre Diversity With New Single “Jade’s Ballad” Ft. Yang Bo Yi

Jay Nomad always delivers contagious urban-pop tracks. He’s consistent in his contemporary sound but is ever-changing in his delivery and can never be pigeon-holed to one genre. His latest single “Jade’s Ballad” is a dark electro-pop track that focuses on the heavy subject matter of domestic abuse. Despite the powerful underlying message, “Jade’s Ballad” is incredibly energizing and upbeat. As a listener you once again find yourself escaping to the soundscapes of Jay Nomad. With a rap feature from Yang Bo Yi, it truly ties in perfectly to introduce this new sound to Jay’s repertoire. 

Equipped with a strong multicultural influence and expansive knowledge in a diverse amount of genres, Jay Nomád is a refreshing artist/producer from New York City. Jay has impressively released five singles in the last year, all of which have seen nothing but success. With a fan base growing all over the world, Jay Nomád has big things ahead. As his fan base continues to grow in both Los Angeles and New York City, Jay has his sights set on traveling to Thailand and Columbia, where he’s already garnered an impressive following. Jay Nomad will be working on mixes and alternative versions to his existing singles throughout November and into 2020! Stay tuned for more. 

Check out “Jade’s Ballad” here and read more with Jay Nomad below!

Welcome back Jay Nomad! We’re loving the new sound you bring with “Jade’s Ballad”. Is this electronic-urban-pop fusion something we can expect to see more of in the future? 

Thank you BuzzMusic for always supporting my music! Regarding the genre, I think this is definitely one of the paths I want to take. I like beats that seem sort of like Trap but lyrics and vocal melody's that sound like they were taken out of a rock song. Then again that's not all set on stone as you've probably noticed with my past songs, I don't usually stick to one sound since I find exploring ways to make my music different has always been more fun.

We love the addition of a well-rapped verse in “Jade’s Ballad”. How did your collaboration with Yang Bo Yi come about?

There was a time that I was working with Yang Bo Yi in terms of music production but we ended up not releasing anything because we have different music tastes. However I thought it could be a good idea to have him rap in the bridge for Jade's Ballad since it would give the song a good contrast and I also wanted to sing to audiences in Asia, especially Taiwan. Things worked out pretty well with this song though so I'm glad he featured in it.

How do you think “Jade’s Ballad” compares to one of your first releases such as “Hanabi”? How have you developed or changed as an artist? 

Wow, when I hear Hanabi it sounds so different now. Back then I had somewhat of an idea of the sound I wanted so I started out with something simple. That was basically the concept we developed with my co-producer and mentor Juanda Morales (https://www.instagram.com/jdamorales). We just added a simple beat, an 808 bass, and a few arrangements for the instrumental. That way I could build up on my sound with the following singles. Since then I've learned a lot from him and each song takes something from a different genre without losing it's "pop" identity. We even have a little surprise for our Latin audience in January with a song that has a more tropical vibe.

"Jade’s Ballad” obviously had a powerful underlying story to it. Are you able to dive deeper into the honest meaning of the track?

It definitely does. Most of my songs are a mix of my past experiences as well as my imagination. With this one I tried to view what I had done wrong in my past relationships. There was a time I had trouble holding myself accountable for the way I had treated some of my partners. I would blame them for everything without recognizing my part in ruining the relationship. Of course I'm happy to say I've grown out of that stage in life but with Jade's Ballad I wanted to show how a relationship can quickly turn psychologically abusive. The character in the song is clearly obsessed and dependent of his partner as he begs her for one more chance while recognizing he's hurt her. I guess it could be a good way to show how horrible domestic abuse can be.

Thanks again for chatting with us! Tell us more about your future plans going forward! What can your listener expect from your upcoming remixes? Is there a certain single you’re really looking forward to remastering?

I haven't done remixes in about a year but I could decide to do one in the next couple of months perhaps. I'm mostly focused on writing my own music so from now till December I'll be in some serious songwriting sessions to see what new music I can release for 2020. You'll definitely be the first to know BuzzMusic!


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