Jayaira Releases An Optimistic Single Driven With Soulful Melodies; “Alone”

The R&B genre feels more alive than ever these days. A noteworthy platform for its soulful melodies and smooth-sailing instrumentation, R&B undeniably affects the listener. We think we have found the next R&B diva, Jayaira. Jayaira released her single titled “Alone”.  Jayaira is a special kind of artist who wants to use her platform as a way to encourage others to be themselves. Her substantial songwriting skills are evident in “Alone”. This is an accessible single for people who appreciate fresh harmonies and stylish arrangements.

“Alone” had a polished vocal delivery, and her voice shifts the listener into a calm, relaxed state. “Alone” is a complete vibe. It is the kind of song that can be added to a playlist of vibe artists like Kehlani, Summer Walker, etc. This feel-good single is composed of delightful acoustics that lies beneath the soulful drum loop in the production. Despite the appealing arrangements, the message behind this song is captivating. “Alone” is a comforting single that provides support to those who feel isolated from their private struggles. Jayaira reminds the listener that they are not alone; she offers this optimistic song to enhance the lives of others.

Listen to “Alone” by Jayaira here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Jayaira! Can you tell us a bit about where you’re from? How was it growing up and how did you discover your love for music?

Thank you. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I was raised in Atlanta,ga. Growing up I always wanted to find my place, figure out who I was and I saw myself in various types of music. I decided that I wanted to be a successful recording artist when I was 7 years old and wrote my first song about Winnie The Pooh, but my first performance at church and love became clear after I got a standing ovation, 8 years old. I fell in love with the feeling.

You have a nice vocal tone that sounds natural. Would you consider yourself a naturally skilled vocalist or did you take any lessons that may have enhanced your vocal caliber? I would say that yes, I am a naturally skilled vocalist, pretty much going off raw talent. I will be taking voice lessons soon though.

“Alone” was a beautiful song with an optimistic message. What inspired you to write this piece? How were you able to personally relate to the meaning of this single? “Alone” was inspired by a guy that I was dating, he would literally never answer the phone or communicate that he was busy. I have finally broken that terrible habit. Personally, I no longer do this, but I knew others would relate to it, so I went on and wrote it. 

What were some challenges you may have faced while creating “Alone” and how were you able to overcome the obstacle?

Honestly, the challenges I always face when writing is writing melodies within the melodies I'm hearing in the beat. I also do not like to copy all the trends that are always out, so the challenge again is writing something fresh, new, and nobody has heard.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? In 2020, I will make a name for myself! More TV appearances, growth, and best of all MORE MUSIC.