Jayd Has Us Saying Bye To A, “LUCID LOVER”

British indie artist Jayd is born creative. Having lived in France as a dance captain/entertainer, the now Luxembourg-based artist has always been surrounded by dance and theatre. With creativity flowing through her veins, she is now focusing on her music career. The dancer, songwriter, and self-taught producer showcase her soulful, velvet vocals, storytelling lyrics, and atmospheric soundscapes.

2021 saw the multi-talented artist learning towards a more indie-pop sound, with her infectious melodies and impressive musicianship delivering polished sound. Her music is written from her heart and is real and relatable, touching on themes ranging from mental health and anxiety to toxic relationships.

Her recently released single, “LUCID LOVER,” has Jayd’s pop sound dipping into a nostalgic R&B flair. Incorporating more modern elements has the electronica undertones gently floating throughout this soundscape. We're fully swept away by this breakup anthem, allowing this innovative atmosphere to be the musical foundation for Jayd’s angelic timbres.

As we sink into our seats and sway our heads to the ultimate whirlwind of bubbly regret, the lyrical motifs that Jayd’s boisterous persona emanates pull us deeper into the music. That’s due to Jayd’s unique point of view on her songwriting. Placing herself in the shoes of others, her remarkable knack for creating life-like soundscapes purely by storytelling is uncanny. “LUCID LOVER” plays into this creative bubble and ensures listers can connect in a personal and reflective manner.

Featuring Mirari Moore to up the ante and incorporate another talented perspective, the dynamism shared between the two is one that catches us off guard in the best way possible. Each artist has their own way of reiterating this perspective and magically does it from a more hip-hop flair and pop liveliness. Simmering harmonies embed themselves into the layered effects that complete this record and ultimately have each encapsulating vocalization by Jayd shimmer brighter than the last. Listen to “LUCID LOVER” today on all streaming platforms and get lost in its notion.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jayd, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "LUCID LOVER." We love how you immaculately translate this story to your audience! What was it like working with Mirari Moore to bring this vision to fruition?

Really, really easy! From the second we met, we just understood each other's universe and knew that our music would just gel together before we even started creating.

Since you often create from such a unique perspective, what moment or story inspired the creation of "LUCID LOVER?"

Through my 20's, I'd have a hard time 'being in the moment.' I'd always be worrying about the future or reflecting on the past. So even though Lucid Lover could be interpreted as a breakup song, the real meaning behind the music for me, or message even, was one to myself. If I'd just been honest with myself in certain situations, I could have found my peace a lot earlier. In the second verse, I sing, 'and everything I hated about you has disappeared fast just like you,' I'm singing that to my younger self and any worries I had.

What would you want it to be if your audience could take away one message from this song?

Be LUCID with yourself, and be honest about what you want in life for yourself. Don't let it get to a 'too little too late' moment. I write music with my main goal being to move someone and make them feel something when they're listening.

Do you happen to have a favorite style that you like to create?

I really like slow tunes. My music is pretty low-key, I'd say, but I do have trouble describing my style. Sometimes I'll write a song, and it won't sound at all like my others. I do know, however, that I like using samples in my music. For example, I might hear some background noise in my recordings. I'll often edit them and include them in the song.

Would you ever branch out into more genre-bending collaborations again?

100% I love collaborating. Every artist brings something so special musically to the table.

What's next for you?

I've got two covers and a few original songs coming out. At the moment, I'm working independently, and I'd love to grow my team to find a manager that can help with gigs and interviews. So I think along with releasing music, I will make it my priority to branch out.