Jayden Bartels Rewrites the ABC’s of Pop With New Song “Alphabet”

From the Spotify New Music Friday charts, today we are sonically graced with Jayden Bartels new single “Alphabet”

The song is super fun and easy to dance along to. "Alphabet" is the type of song that breaks the mood you were currently in and amplifies it into a regenerated and positive one. The fun fingerpicking guitar style sets the tone with the company of Jayden’s fun lyrics that explain the alphabet in a way that spells out an anxiety-filled breakup. While the lyrics are dark, her approach of using each letter of the alphabet to describe the emotions of a toxic relationship ends helps us feel like, “When one door closes, another opens” and that the future will be better. Also helping remind us that it’s good to both recognize bad situations, and then having the power to leave them. The chorus is a super eccentric and sonic experience, with monotone style vocals. That's what makes the track that's easy to enjoy and move with. By the end of the song, you are definitely curious about who this artist is and how you can hear more! The good news is that Jayden Bartels has a slew of singles that you can dive deep into, and we are sure there will be more to come. 

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You can access and listen to the soundings of Jayden Bartels here.

Thanks for being with us at Buzz Music today! Your new song "Alphabet" seems to be doing super well! What inspired the unique lyrical approach for this? 

I came up with this song idea when I was thinking about how much your perspective changes from when you were young to now. When your young, each letter of the alphabet means something happy. If you were to find a meaning for each letter of the alphabet now it would probably be a lot different. 

What was it like to have your song “Can’t Help Me Now” featured on New Music Friday?

It was amazing and I was so honored! It was also my first song I had ever released so I couldn’t believe it was already on a playlist!

You will be supporting Echosmith on tour! What city are you most excited to play and why?

Definitely Los Angeles because we are playing at the Fonda Theater and a couple of months ago I was going to see artists perform there and I never thought that one day I would be performing there!

Who was the producer of Alphabet and why were they chosen to produce the track? The producer was David Kidd and I chose him because he totally understands my style of music and has so many amazing ideas that I knew I wanted for Alphabet!

When can we hear more new music? Any plans for an EP/ album?

- I am currently working on tons of new singles and I’m really excited for everyone to hear this new sound!