Jaylin Jones Feels "Too Blessed" With His Debut Single Release Out Now

Rap artist Jaylin Jones hails from Lucedale, MI, and has recently debuted himself as an artist. As he's emerging into the music scene, Jaylin Jones is really trying to create something different with his music, as many emerging artists prefer to do. Nevertheless, Jaylin Jones is undoubtedly manifesting a sound that is disparate from other rappers in the game right now. He instills his honesty and motivation into the lyricism he flows into the production of his tracks, which makes his music feel more real. What you get with Jaylin Jones is truly what you get, and this goes especially in his latest release "Too Blessed".

Jaylin Jones definitely has an authentic approach to his music, to say the least. His vocal performance is raw and displays very elemental aspects of vocalism. The flow of the beat is very methodic and consistent, which gives the track that easy familiarity. Jaylin Jones attempts to exhibit his perspective on the stressors in his life, and as the chorus goes, he's "too blessed to be stressed". Although very rudimental, Jaylin Jones plans his mannerism to come off as pure. As a new artist, his music can highlight the very young environment of what you can expect from an emerging artist. With the potential to succeed in the rap game, Jaylin Jones opens his artistry with "Too Blessed" to characterize what he's capable of to listeners.

Listen to Jaylin Jones in "Too Blessed" here.