Jaym O’Esso Inspires Resilience With New Single “Eyes Closed (Free)”

Raised in both Switzerland and Canada, Jaym O’Esso is a singer, songwriter, composer, dancer, and model. Having lost both of his parents early in life, Jaym found strength through music. He used songwriting as an emotional outlet and began translating his feelings into original songs at the young age of 10. He then formed a band at 16 called Keep It Like, then continued to Geneva Art School in Switzerland. In 2012 Jaym O’Esso spent time modeling with Elite Model Paris and worked with Calvin Klein and Jean-Paul Gaultier. He then spent years as a ballet dancer with Béjart Ballet Lausanne as a Demi-soloist. Jaym O’Esso has now added more to his impressive artistic resume and began to create his music in 2019. He released a debut single called “Can U Feel Me” and has just released another uplifting track called “Eyes Closed (Free).” The song “Eyes Closed (Free)” has both a catchy melody and an inspiring message. Jaym O’Esso uses electronic sounds and a keyboard to create uplifting background music. His vocals are lighthearted, yet passionate as he sings about escaping the restraints of judgment. Jaym also includes a rapping verse to drive home further his desire to “free his mind.” The lyrics of “Eyes Closed (Free)” first bring attention to the universal emotions that arise from the judgments and opinions of others. Jaym makes the song easy to relate to for fans because many have been the victim of caring what others think about them. Jaym O’Esso then switches gears and begins to motivate the listeners to “free their minds.” You will find yourself flying high as you listen to Jaym O’Esso’s lyrics about escaping everyday negativity in his new single “Eyes Closed (Free).”

Discover "Eyes Closed (Free)" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jays O’Esso! You brought us something original and fresh with your new song “Eyes Closed (Free)!” Can you tell us more about the meaning behind your lyrics?

The lyrics behind Eyes Closed are very meaningful to me. Sometimes we have love in front of us. Friendship or a special relationship. But we don't see it! We only see it once we lost it. We’re often afraid about what people think about us, the way we can express our feelings, especially as a man. And with "Eyes Closed", I wanted to share my desire to feel free to express my feelings openly, free like a bird in the sky, and not keeping my eyes closed on what's really important!

You began your artistic career as a ballet dancer with Béjart Ballet Lausanne, spent time working as a  model, and now you are working in music. How has this journey shaped you to be the artist you are today?

It definitely made me stronger! It helped me to grow up faster and fight for my dreams! I worked with amazing people. They taught me a lot, not only artistically but also about life.

Having lost both of your parents at a young age, you turned to create music as an outlet for your grief. Can you tell us about how this life experience has inspired your music, and you as a person?

I knew that I wanted to be a singer at the age of 7. When I lost my parents, I knew that I had to work harder than the others. I didn’t allow myself to fail cause I had no plan B. I was alone. I became a hard worker. Singing and dancing all the time. Sleeping 4 hours per night. And I’m still this person thought! I had no tears left to cry. Cause I knew my parents were watching me and I want to make them proud. At that time, I was making sad music cause I was broken inside. Now I'm grown up and my music is like the weather. It’s a mood, it’s a vibe!

You studied at Geneva Art School in Switzerland. How did this educational experience benefit you as a musician?

Study in an art school is an amazing experience. They taught me everything I know! It allowed me to stimulate my creativity, my imagination and my sensitivity while promoting my autonomy, my self-expression and interaction with my environment. After this, you are not afraid to go on stage and share your music with the world.