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Jayneto Let's Us Know He's With All The Smoke In His Latest Banger, "Smoke"

Charismatic Hip-hop artist, Jayneto is serving us heavy vibes on yet another upbeat track, “Smoke,” from his latest album, 'Unholy.'

At the young age of 10, Jay Scott aka Jayneto was inspired by his Uncle Tony to tap into his creative side by making music that matters. With his hundreds of thousands of streams, he adds a modern touch with old school hip-hop vibes in order to create the songs we have known to love. With all this momentum, he doesn’t plan on letting up anytime soon as he continues to create memorable records for his fans.

“Smoke,” follows suit on the foundation he is creating for himself and shows us why he is a promising up and comer in the music industry. “Smoke,” begins with dark and ominous keys being played before the contrast of vivid, light playing accompanies the beat. Once the up-tempo hi-hats come into the production, we are given an ambiance that takes over quite buoyantly as Jayneto sheds a look into a polished yet rugged delivery.

Jayneto’s flow is impeccable with a clear and present vocal as he displays his lyricism as an Emcee. His cadences are unmatched with a hunger in his voice that eats away at the instrumentation while it pairs with the beat like a fine wine. His harmonies on the chorus offer up a wider range of his skills as he vocalizes the lyrics he has penned in a memorable hook, “And if you wanna know I’m with all the smoke.” We are left with the intoxicating instrumental playing through our head and the passion radiated in Jayneto’s vocal well after the song ends.

Overall the magnetism executed on this record captivates you and leaves you wanting to know all things about Jayneto. His unapologetic presence is something that has us hooked. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this promising artist.

Congratulations on the release of your album, “Unholy.” We are obsessed with the upbeat flow of “Smoke.” What did the studio session look like for this track in particular?

So when my producers Todd & Spence.wav sent me the track, I was driving home. Immediately staring flowing off the top of my head. Then I came up with the hook. I went home, I was by myself in the studio recording this and I took the song within 25mins. After I finished the demo of it, I FaceTimed my producers and just stared at them. Then they were asking me “Jay what bro, say something” then I just played the song and Todd did this weird face because he was REALLY enjoying the song & Spence couldn’t stop smiling. After that the song was complete. 

What prompted you to write “Smoke?" What do you want listeners to take away from it?

The beat was so fired I wanted to just spit some fire bars! To be honest, I thought I was overdoing it, but then realized it was the perfect fit. I don’t want the listeners to take anything away from the song. Everything I said I meant and wouldn’t think twice of saying it again. 

How important is lyricism to you when creating music?

Lyricism is definitely key! Especially rapping. Punchlines, metaphors, etc are key as a rapper. 

On your album, “Unholy,” do you have a track that speaks to you the most?

The track that really speaks to me the most is “New Moon”. I speak on topics I haven’t said before in my music. It’s all one of the fastest songs growing from the album. Also, it was only right to get my friend's poethelegend & Cambriia on it! 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

If I’m being completely honest classical music has been keeping me inspired. I’ve always liked classical since I started making music thanks to my uncle. So when I listen to it & watch the things around me I instantly come with ideas of songs. Even movie ideas. If y’all have a chance, just walk outside on a nice day in fall when the leaves drop, & listen to classical. I guarantee you’ll have an idea of something. Thank me later. The next thing from me will be even better than what we just dropped. This took us 3 years to make & I am not mad at all. But whatever comes next will be the one to blow big! 





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