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JayQ The Legend Pours His Heart Out In, "Be Mine"

Hailing from New Orleans is the vivid artist JayQ The Legend, who has always lived a life full of music. Already having his music videos featured on MTVU and BET-JAMS, JayQ The Artist shows he's climbing to the top of the musical totem pole and isn't slowing down anytime soon.

The latest release from JayQ The Legend was titled "Be Mine," which shadows the content covered throughout the song. "Be Mine" is JayQ The Legend's time to put on a show and does he ever take the opportunity to do so. With an energetic, flavourful, and sensual tone, JayQ The Legend is able to lure listeners into his exclusive artistic style in "Be Mine."

The song begins with an alluring, glamorous, pop-infused melody that soon unleashes the deep and sensual voice of JayQ The Legend. He sings, "you're looking so good, something a man should" and in doing so, establishes his intimate and sensuous thoughts.

All in all, JayQ The Legend is playful with his vocal delivery and specifically in a way that brings quality fun to "Be Mine."

Welcome to BuzzMusic JayQ The Legend, thank you for talking with us on your latest release, "Be Mine." What inspired your message conveyed in this particular song? Simple things in life are what we should focus on like giving flowers. Who puts a Bentley or Birkin bag on a grave? From Baby showers to pageants, sports, theatre performances, anniversaries, weddings, and sadly funerals, give the flowers show love. Were there any components to "Be Mine" that you felt offered something disparate compared to what is often presented within the industry today? For sure, "Be Mine" is a message is love and romance conversations presented in a way that is sustainable and genuine. How long did the entirety of the songwriting and recording process take for "Be Mine?"

"Be Mine" in total took 4 days of actual work.

What kind of experience did you have whilst constructing the music video for this single?

I love movies. Making a video that was a different more hip western spin on Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X Ole Town Road. What is the biggest takeaway you are hoping listeners are left with after listening to "Be Mine?"

Love is not something we should sell or expect to purchase.


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