Jazi J's Tough Bar to Bar Skills Will Blow You Away

“FXCK BOY” by Jazi J is going to blow you away. This tough song begins with a small sample of “I Can’t Stand The Rain” which immediately captured our attention. The flow Jazi J delivered was straight-forward and intense cultivated with confidence that attracts an audience towards her. “FXCK BOY” is a female-power anthem. It’s the type of song to tell the ladies not to stress over a boy who doesn’t have himself together. This is a dynamic message to deliver as a rapper. Jazi J music can cater to the crowd of hip-hop that are sometimes ignored, while her bar by bar execution is as skilled as everyone in the industry. Jazi J can go head to head with the best of the best in the rap game and her song “FXCK BOY” represents this. She’s an immaculate lyricist and intriguing artist with entertaining music.

“FXCK BOY” had classic hip-hop aesthetic to the production. Combining the sample with cultural sounding drums and the headbanging bass creates an old-school rap that’s infectious as well as trendy. Jazi J is for sure an artist to be on the lookout for. She’s known for setting trends and embracing them. Jazi J seeks to inspire others and her passion is something that makes her a standout contender.

You can listen to “FXCK BOY” by Jazi J here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jazi J! You’ve been in the rap game for quite some time now. Can you tell us in what ways have you evolved as an artist over the years since your debut in 2008?

I have been in and out of the music game since 2008. The music industry is tough. Especially as an independent artist. I honestly have evolved as a woman altogether and not just an artist. I have become unapologetic and my main focus is just to express myself and have fun while doing so. Life is short and life is what you make it.

Let’s dig deep into this song “FXCK BOY”. “FXCK BOY” seems to have a powerful lyrical message to the song. Can you tell us the meaning behind this single?

"FXCK BOY" is an anthem for all women or anyone who has dealt with a FXCK BOY. The definition of a FXCK BOY is a man that doesn’t respect women. A FXCK BOY relies on women heavily but doesn’t commit, is manipulative, selfish AF, and fxcks with women’s emotions. The overall meaning behind the single is being #FXCKBOYFREE. Women are not tolerating the disrespect anymore. We are fed up and most definitely bossed up. So fxck off. Fxck boys.

What inspired you to write “FXCK BOY”? How were you able to personally relate to your lyrics?

Well, of course, a FXCK BOY inspired the lyrics. Honestly, it was a combination of situations that I or my homies have been through. I had just broken up with my ex after catching him in yet another lie and I was just over it. Man, he would just lie and lie and lie. Smh. I gave him my all and to sum it up he didn’t deserve me. It wasn’t the first time I dated a FXCK BOY but it definitely was my last.

We enjoyed the sample in the beat. It added a good flavor to the song! Can you detail to us the arrangement of “FXCK BOY”? How was the creative process?

FXCK BOY was produced by Bolo Da Producer, who also produced the hit record “Watch Me” by Silento. I have known Bolo since 2010-2011. It’s a funny story. Bolo hit me up last January and told me that he was going to be in LA over the weekend. Bolo said he booked some studio time because he owed me a beat from years ago. Lmao. So, of course, I was like BET! Bolo is so dope, he created the beat while we were in the studio. We knew that we wanted the song to be raw and have energy. We started mimicking the chant “Banana nana fo fanta…” and that’s how I started the hook off “Jazi Jazi mo Jazi, these basic bitches can’t stand me…” As far as the sample that was all Bolo and his genius ways! FXCK BOY took a year to get right. We first laid the hook and Bolo made the beat back in January 2019 in LA. Then in March I went to Atlanta and we tightened up the vocals, but unfortunately, it was the same night that we found out that Nipsey passed. So, of course, the mood shifted. Finally, in December we linked back up in Atlanta and finished the record. The next day, my best friends and I spontaneously shot the video and BOOM! It’s a bop ha ha.

What can we expect next from you throughout 2020?

Throughout 2020 you can expect more music from me. I plan on dropping an EP this year and performing at more shows and open mics in California. I also have a clothing line called Pretty Thuggish so I plan on really getting out, networking and setting up shop at different markets and events. I have been kind of low key since I relocated to California back in 2016. Cali is expensive so I was focused on myself and securing the bag. Haha. It is definitely time for Hollywood to meet Jazi J.