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Jbledz Embraces Being An “Outsider”

Stimulating the ears with experimental production and gripping vocals is singer-songwriter and recording artist Jbledz with his latest anthemic single, "Outsider."

Jbledz knew he was destined for a music career even before he was cognizant. Suffering from a few ear infections as a baby, the only way he would quiet down was when his mother would hit play on an orchestra broadcast. Fast forward to today, Jbledz says he's lost many friends to pride, death, and drugs. Thus, music became his therapy, escape, and world.

Although orchestras amazed him as a child, Jbledz has shifted into a more modern and edgy alternative sound packed with lively pop elements. This sound is best represented in his latest single, "Outsider," a punchy and gripping anthem for those who get trapped in their spiraling mind and understand that they may never be more than an "Outsider."

Expanding on the fiery new tune, "Outsider," we're met with windswept synthpop keys and Jbledz's smooth vocals that express different struggles and worries that linger in his mind. As the airy and pop-esque drums begin jumping through our speakers, Jbledz heads over to the exhilarating and bass-heavy pre-hook, where he lets us know that he's trying his best to make it out alive.

Although his lyrics are incredibly personal and emotional, it's clear Jbledz wants us to groove the night away with his sweltering production that rumbles our speakers to their core. We're amazed by the many relatable situations and scenes Jbledz paints with his honest lyrics; he keeps the energy high and mighty while sending us to the outro on a deeply introspective note.

When you need a song that clutches your soul and leaves you breathless, we'd highly recommend the stimulating experience of Jbledz's latest single, "Outsider," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jbledz. We're so impressed with the relatable elements and exciting production within your new single, "Outsider." Where did you find the inspiration for this personal and bold single?

This is a very private part of my life. So all I can say is with regard to the topic/lyrics, if you understand what this is about, I’m sorry.

Did you face any challenges when opening up and writing your honest lyrics for "Outsider?" Or was this process more therapeutic?

Definitely therapeutic.

Do you usually create such vibrant and rich alt-pop production, similar to the heavy synths in "Outsider?" How would you describe your sound?

Yes, I’d say so. Growing up, I was a big fan of One Republic and Zedd. That led me down the path of more progressive production styles (Zedd) while trying to maintain relatable melodies and topics (One Republic).

What was your goal with "Outsider?" What did you want the listener to experience and take away?

You aren’t alone when you feel like you’re alone.


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