Jdotds Blends a Variety of Elements to Curate "Overnight"

Canadian singer/songwriter Jdotds is a rap artist that is bringing a more chilled and relaxed execution with his music. Last year Jdotds came out with his debut EP "ICY", which was an incredibly raw look at Jdotds's abilities as an artist. Integrating heavy rap elements with predominantly hip/hop vocal techniques, Jdotds curates music that you're bound to enjoy as a rap/hip-hop fan. We're also sensing the serious energy that Jdotds can bring to his tracks. It's authentic, it's catchy, and it's undoubtedly tranquil to some element. We can definitively say that Jdotds is bringing a more contemporary programming to his music, especially his latest single "Overnight".

Jdotds is coming at us with his in a new way with latest single "Overnight". Jdotds didn't hold back with this track--you can feel the vibrant energy within his vocalism, the rawness of his lyricism, and ultimately the fluidity of his execution. "Overnight" is the type of track you listen to, and immediately feel a burst of confidence for the entire 2 minutes and 50 seconds. We can ultimately conclude that we're proud of Jdotds growth as an artist, and what he's able to bring to this particular track. "Overnight" blends a more heavy-hitting beat with calm vocals, which presents a serious contrast that's intriguing, to say the least. Jdotds maintains this calm delivery for the entirety of "Overnight", and we can confidently say that we're impressed with how he has progressed as an artist!

Give a listen to "Overnight" here, and keep reading for more with Jdotds and his music!

Hey there Jdotds! It's great to feature "Overnight" here on BuzzMusic! How did the production for the track go?!

Hello, thank you for featuring “Overnight” on your platform! So i found the beat on youtube randomly and freestyled the hook! It took me about a week to write and lay down my verses, mix and master the track! 

What's the most integral message you want to be communicated to your listeners with "Overnight"?

I made this song for the youth who feel like passengers of life i.e. people who don’t know where their life is heading. Basically saying keep your head up and continue to fuck shit up while staying true to yourself cause your life could change positively and finally make sense literally overnight. 

Are you able to describe the impact music has had on your life thus far? How do you feel you personally connect with music?

man, music raised me. I’m a stan, I wanted to be like my favourite artists growing up. I’ve always been super reliant on music, and it’s definitely my preferred outlet to express my thoughts, opinions, feelings and all that good stuff.

Who would you say you draw your inspiration from the most, musically?

First of all, Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive! But when it comes to my sound, i’d say Travis Scott, Drake, A Boogie inspire me the most. With more music on the way from me, you’ll soon deep the influence from how I switch from melodic autotune flows like “Overnight” to straight rapping with no autotune. Stay tuned for more dope music!

It was a treat to have you here on BuzzMusic Jdotds! Tell us what you have planned next for yourself as an artist?

It’s been a pleasure! I have a couple of collaborations that are gonna drop real soon then imma drop my next single. I’m currently working on my debut project called “When In Rome” so watch out for that too! 

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