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Jdubbz Releases New Hit "Digital"

Jalen Jamison, otherwise referred to as Jdubbz is the founder of the independent record label based out of White Plains, New York. Jdubbz’s creative endeavours don’t stop at just music in which he has set out to start his own clothing line, men’s fragrance, and even an alcoholic beverage. Jdubbz understands that talent doesn’t win an artist much anymore, it has to do with the resources and connections that one has in the music industry. Currently, Jamison has a digital distribution deal through one of Sony Music’s minor subsidiaries. A sound of hip hop beats and somewhat futuristic sounds makes the track “Digital” a for sure addition to your playlist. It has a tasteful flow to it in which it co aligns to current hip hopmusic. A solid beat with a piano melody creates a solid atmosphere with breaks in between leaving you on edge for the next beat. Jdubbz use of words gives an edgy feel and a frisky vibe.

Jdubbz takes hip hop music and ideals, and ties it neatly into this song with his own touches of production. One thing you don’t expect is the harmonic “oo” towards the end of the song which eventually fades into silence. “Digital” has a cool and fun vibe to it that will attract all types of


Add a vibe to your Spotify playlist with Jdubbz's "Digital", and catch Jdubbz interview below to read about his independent label and the meaning behind his latest track!

What caused you to start your own independent label?

Before a major entity will consider an asset, they need to see that the asset can generate revenue at even the most basic level without intervention from a major entity. Aside from that, remaining independent offers you certain freedoms that you may not be entitled to while under contract. Im not restricted creatively, or held up when I want to release something. I also own all of my publishing & masters. 

What is the concept behind “Digital”?

Digital quite plainly explains the society that we currently live in. Everything is digital. You dont need to go to the mall, or the grocery store anymore. You can digitally order it from anywhere. You dont have to interact with people in person, or even be seen as who you really are, because these perceptions are delivered through a digital medium. It started off as just a joke one day when my girlfriend and I were discussing this topic. I just happened to say it to the beat and it sounded catchy, so we went along with it. 

How do you create the piano melody that repeats during the song?

JacobLethalBeatz (awesome producer) is actually the one who created the beat, and therefore the melody also. The harmony that I created was done the same was as on every other track. Its hard to explains, but the beats talk/sing to me, and I just respond back. Its like a conversation.

What first got you into creating music?

My family has always been involved in the music industry. My father used to work with RCA/Motown Records, and has years of experience in the field. I grew up listening to a plethora of different artists which I think helped to facilitate my versatility. The first song I ever released was a song “She’s So Beautiful” in middle school. All of the girls loved it, and they all swore it was about them. After my voice dropped, I gave up singing, and switched over to rhyming. 

What are your future plans with your music and your label? We love what you're doing with your career and can't wait to hear what's next from you!

My goal is to be a leading force in this new age that both the entertainment industry, and world are going into. I have ideas further than music, such as: my clothing line(Lowlyfe™), men's fragrance, and even an alcoholic beverage. I also have many other business ventures that I plan to expand on once its the right time. Im hoping to be acquired within the next 6 months by a major entity, and have at least 3 hits on the Billboard 100 by Quarter 4. 

I currently have multiple singles, and full completed projects being worked on and finished up; so, expect more soon! 


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