Jeffrey Chan Asks, Is It Love or Is It “Vertigo?"

Sydney-based recording artist Jeffrey Chan gives pop and retro influences a modern electronic edge in his latest single and music video, "Vertigo."

Jeffrey Chan's tunes are packed with nods to pop nostalgia but always come packed with a vibrant contemporary spin for an exciting listening experience. His carefully crafted pop tunes and smooth, deep vocals make Jeffrey Chan a force to be reckoned with, creating a distinctly unique sound that's unmatched.

His newest single, "Vertigo," brings an upbeat and vibrant pop anthem for new love and wanting to take a relationship one step further. We love the playful feel Chan carries in his performance; he brings listeners into those exciting moments of getting to know someone special and hoping it's not just another case of dizzying "Vertigo."

Jeffrey Chan also released a music video for "Vertigo," which opens with a minimalist shot of the artist standing with his head down between two white walls. As he begins strutting in with a smile on his face and pep in his step, Chan vocalizes his new feelings for a prospective lover while grooving to the lively pop instrumentals.

The rotating camera and Jeffrey Chan's playful dance moves make this video an exciting visual experience that perfectly backs up the song's upbeat and spirited nature.

We also appreciate the retro nods through performance scenes of Chan serenading us in front of a projector's animated pattern. This energetic and playful song, paired with the minimalist black and white visuals, makes for an overall feel-good vibe that perfectly represents those eager feelings toward unexplored love and starting something new.

Take your passion to new heights with Jeffrey Chan's latest bop, "Vertigo," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jeffrey Chan. We adore the upbeat and passionate energy you've brought to your new single, "Vertigo." So what inspired you to create this playful and feel-good tune?

"Vertigo" is my second time working with Dibs, who produced this track with me. On our first track together, 'Try,' we went for a synth-pop/ballad, and so we wanted to switch things up this time and do a fun, upbeat track that was reminiscent of those classic pop tunes that you could sing and jam along to (which is where that simple 'clap and stomp' styled beat came from). I love to give each song I write its own 'character' and 'world,' so this time around, I wanted to juxtapose a playful and feel-good beat with lyrics about a new love/crush that verges onto the edge of a creepy and unhealthy obsession. The song itself is inspired by the ideas and themes in the Alfred Hitchcock film "Vertigo" (the single cover is actually a reference to the original movie poster!).

What was it like creating the "Vertigo" music video? Who helped bring your scenes to life?

I absolutely had so much fun creating and working on the "Vertigo" music video! It was actually a really spontaneous shoot. I had a free weekend and called up my best friend, Nick (who I always work with on my videos), and we hired a studio and just shot the entire thing, just us two! We had the whole thing shot in a few hours, and I then went and edited everything myself, so we had the whole video completed in a day!

Why did you choose to go for this sleek black and white look for the "Vertigo" music video? Did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind when creating the video?

I'm starting to steer my sound into the more retro vibes and really pulling inspiration from the 80s and that pop/MTV era, so with 'Vertigo' I was really inspired by those classic black and white MTV clips that were really more about the performance of the song rather than a narrative. So I'd like to think that the video pays homage to that era and the artists who really defined that sound and time.

What did you hope to make the listener think and feel when experiencing "Vertigo?"

I'm sure that most people have experienced the thoughts and intense feelings that come with having a crush, and that is what this song is about! "Vertigo" is supposed to be a feel-good classic pop song that is super easy for the listener to pick up and vibe with. It's not supposed to be some complex song with multiple key changes or something because I wanted to create something that would have fit right in, in that classic '80s pop sound.

What's next for you?

Since I released Glow two years ago, I've been releasing only singles, and I think it's really allowed me to explore each single as its own body of work by creating a whole visual and aesthetic around it with imagery and the music video and whatnot - so I think I might be releasing singles for a little while longer (I already have the next one in the works!) That's not to say there won't all be on an album eventually...