Jeffrey iLL Hypes Us Up with “Never Fumble”

Jeffriel Lichtenberg creates his music under the name Jeffrey iLL. He is an R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and electronic producer from Malden, Massachusetts. Both of iLL’s parents were heavily into the music scene and it seemed clear from a young age that music would be in his future. Although he dabbled with songwriting since the age of 16, iLL began producing his music at age 22. In his new song “Never Fumble,” Jeffrey iLL collaborates with artist CJ 781 to produce typical hip-hop, rap style song. If you’re a fan of the hip-hop genre, iLL is sure to impress you with his beats as well as his bars. There is a consistent beat throughout the song encouraging his audience to feel the music and want to dance along. Lyrically, iLL’s songwriting glorifies a rich and powerful lifestyle. “Never Fumble” is a song that boosts self-confidence and essentially prepares the listener for battle. He repeats the lyrics “pull up in a spaceship” so often that it makes you wonder why the song isn’t called spaceship. If you’re looking for a hip-hop song that will boost your self-esteem and make you feel mighty and powerful, “Never Fumble” is the song to look out for. Jeffrey iLL represents his family’s musical talent as he continues to produce his own hip-hop music.

Listen to "Never Fumble" here.