Jegotit Gets Our Heads Bopping With His Rhythmic Release, "Kobe (Bean)"

Coming from Stockton, CA., the diverse Hip-Hop Artist and Rapper Jegotit drops heat with his latest rhythmic single, "Kobe (Bean)."

Always having a knack for writing rhymes and natural rhythm, Jegotit found himself influenced by diverse sounds like Blink 182, Linkin Park, Tupac, and J. Cole. He's found that having such diverse artists/groups on his playlist has definitely impacted his creative process to expand even wider.

With his latest single "Kobe (Bean)," Jegotit sizzles the rap scene with incredible rhythm and gets us moving right from the jump. The supporting production serves a haunting and darkly-lit vibe through pulsing and subtle piano, dynamic ghost vocals, and a sweltering mid-tempo trap beat. 

"Kobe (Bean)" begins with low-pitched ghost vocals that deliver this sultry tone over top of the faint piano and dominant drum patterns. As the first verse begins to approach, the production offers an incredibly modern tone through a deep kick that gets us anticipating Jegotit's bars.

As Jegotit begins rapping, his flow is truly irresistible as his rhythm overpowers the track and acts as the prominent focal point. We instantly hear a similar sound and style to G-Eazy, delivering his bars in this calm and composed tone while exuding nothing but confidence. His bars are incredibly playful and catchy, perfect for a night ride down the freeway.

Jegotit delivers his vast talent within "Kobe (Bean)," and gives listeners an irresistible bop through each aspect of the song's production and Jegotit's amazingly rhythmic bars.

Listen to "Kobe (Bean)" here.

Hello Jegotit and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the vibes and infectious rhythm you deliver within your single "Kobe (Bean)." How did you begin creating the track, and what inspired you to take this dark and atmospheric approach?

Just me being creative with my favorite athlete's name. I grew up watching Kobe Bryant dominate for years so to me having a song named after him was special to me. The whole vibe around the song was meant to match his killer mentality on the court but in a lyrical version for myself off the court.

Regarding the textured production within your single "Kobe (Bean)," what did your creative process look like with Producer Jerrett Hartman? Was the beat pre-made, or was it composed solely for you?

I always say the artist is nothing without the canvas so myz was extremely important to this song as he built the canvas. As soon as I heard what myz created I just knew I was going to go insane on it.

Speaking on your bars and flow within "Kobe (Bean)," how did you go about writing bars that deliver your authenticity, yet also complement the production's rhythm as well?

The beat was already premade but it felt like it was made specifically for me to be on. I don’t think there’s anybody that could do what I did on this beat better than me.

You've mentioned that having different artists/groups of various genres in your playlist influences your creative process. Could you give us some examples of songs where you were somewhat experimental with your sound and approach?

I just envisioned Kobe going out there destroying anybody in his path and that’s what I felt I needed to do the bar for bar. Myz did an amazing job laying down a blueprint nonetheless. I find it extremely easy to find a flow on a beat. I didn’t confine myself to just one flow on the beat once I wrote one line the song had essentially written itself.

Believe it or not, I was listening to the band “The Killers - Mr.Brightside” the entire week before I found this beat. That song is fun to sing but has a very dark feeling and emotion to it. I heard what myz made and the entire melodic dark vibe pulled me in. I wanted something that sounded dark and moody but that would be fun to sing.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Definitely, the people around me that are supporting and believing in me. Every single person that listens shows me that I can be heard. All I’ve ever wanted to do was be heard for my music and I know every single song and day that I grind for this that I’m one step closer to being heard by the world.