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Jen Fodor And Sarah Beth Go, Wish It Was, "Saturday"

From Michigan to Los Angeles, songwriter, producer, and musician Jen Fodor teams up with singer-songwriter Sarah Beth Go for their dynamic single and music video entitled "Saturday (feat. Sarah Beth Go)."

After taking a leap of faith and moving out west, Jen Fodor emerged as an unstoppable force with creative vision, drive, and relentlessness. She's worked with renowned directors like Spike Jonze, created her own podcast, and directed the PBS documentary The Dancing Man of LA. In terms of her music career, Fodor has a knack for designing and producing musical soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics.

Recently releasing her dreamy and catchy single, "Saturday (feat. Sarah Beth Go)," the song offers heartbreaking and relatable lyrics over lush and feel-good instrumentation. The song's accompanying music video takes viewers through the hardships of falling out of love and wishing to be back in the arms of a past lover.

Listening to "Saturday (feat. Sarah Beth Go)," the song opens with a calming electric guitar, a thumping bassline, and soothing drum breaks. As Sarah Beth Go's sugary and warm vocals begin to pour over our speakers, she begins to expand on wishing it was a Saturday spent with an ex-lover. She proceeds to inform us that since they've left, it's been the saddest day.

Peaking at the song's accompanying music video, Sarah Beth Go lounges around her retro Nashville-style home while reflecting on the good old days. Jen Fodor also appears in the music video on the drums while Beth Go and the accompanying guitarist put on the brightest performance to one of the most heartbreaking tunes.

Find the dynamic and highly relatable single, "Saturday (feat. Sarah Beth Go)," on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the music video on YouTube.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Jen Fodor. "Saturday" is a beautiful and peaceful song. How did it originally come together with Sara Beth Go and have the two of you collaborated prior to this? It's a great match.

"Saturday" is one of the very first songs I wrote! I’ve been an artist manager for 10+ years and about 2 years ago I started having the desire to write my own songs. I wondered, after so many years on the business side, did I have what it takes? I shared my song idea with some really supportive friends and “Saturday” was born. Nathan K. and Sara Beth Go were visiting LA from Nashville. Over breakfast one morning, I told Nathan I have all these song ideas. He was open to working with me to get to the next step towards finishing a song. When we met up with Sara Beth later, she joined in on the collaboration. For the demo, I sang “Saturday,” but realized that Sara Beth’s voice was better suited for the song. I’ve realized over time that not all the songs I write are for myself. I want to feature different artists who I think can carry out the vision for each one. One day I want to be able to pick up the phone and say… Elton! I got a song for you. I will eventually release songs with my voice on them, but for now, my plan is to feature different artists.

In addition to your musical talents, you're also quite the visionary on the video production side. What's your backstory there and do you find that one area of your life inspires the other?

In high school, I knew I wanted to work in video production. After college, I worked on a few film internships in various states before heading back to my home in Michigan. Before I knew it I was asking my Dad “do you think my car will make it to LA?” He responded, “What does that mean?” ...and a few days later I was driving cross country to LA. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve managed bands and had the opportunity to work with a few different artists over the years. I noticed that being an artist/tour manager and tv/film producer you need the same skill set. I think people in each of those industries don't always see that. Co-Directing and Producing the PBS documentary “The Dancing Man of L.A.” was the best of both worlds for me because I’ve always been obsessed with music documentaries and I got to create one!

The scenery in the music video is simple yet stunning, powerful. We can go on and on about the colors. How did you find this location to shoot? Where did the concept come from?

"Saturday" is ultimately a breakup song about missing someone that was in your life. I wanted the video to be subtle and contemplative with a retro vibe. I scouted the airstream first and didn’t realize there was a whole house on the property I could work with as well! Once I saw it I knew that The Pink House in East Nashville was perfect for the vibe I wanted. Filming in Nashville was a bit easier than bringing everyone to LA. I had a stellar team already in the area. I’m lucky to be friends and colleagues with super talented cinematographer Josh Tyron.

We love that you enjoy teaming up with other artists in your music. Since the pandemic, do you feel a bigger sense of comradery than ever before?

I think for many songwriters virtual songwriting sessions were key during the pandemic. It gave us the chance to look forward to working on something new, instead of the endless “Groundhog Days.” These sessions were a source of gratitude for me to still collaborate and create. Now it’s a treat to be able to see people again in safe environments and work in person.

What can new fans expect from you next?

I’m working in a lot of genres. In fact, I’ll be releasing a country song next! That’s the joy of collaboration! You never know where it may take you creatively. I’m open to working with lots of different artists as I grow in my film and songwriting career. Also, my documentary film “The Dancing Man of L.A.” will be broadcast on PBS. Stay tuned to your local channel in the next few months for that!


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