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Jeni Schapire Is Doing What She Loves, With Those She Loves

Nice to have you today! Tell us about your road to success

Thanks for having me! The road to success is uncertain and challenging but I’d like to think I’m on it! I work hard, practice hard, and always make sure I have a clear vision of how I want things. The road can be scary and filled with people who say you are not good enough. But, it is also filled with many wonderful people who have mentored me, befriended me, or just have supported me. So, a net positive. I’m glad to be doing the thing I love with people that I love.

If you could be in two places at one time, every day...where would those places be?

Here in Nashville and home with my family. I always miss them. Visits are never long enough. But I know that for my career and independence I have to be in Nashville right now. It sure would be nice to be able to do both things at once! I keep trying to get them to move here but, so far, no dice.

How do you get pumped up before a big event?

Lots of practice so I know I’m ready. I drink lots of water. And then I try to get really focused right before and turn inward. Otherwise, my nerves get the best of me or I second guess myself and it shows through.

What is your mantra?

Authenticity always. There is only one you!

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