Getting To Know Jenna Leigh-Raine

Welcome Jenna Leigh-Raine to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on your publishing deal. Are there any major differences between creating music for cinema as opposed to your individual music?

Well it's an odd thing. I was originally commissioned in a previous deal to create an hour of spiritual music which became my last album Noma. It was like going back to college as film music and modern film score sound design is such a discipline. On Area, I wanted to just play punk rock. I was exhausted with the detail of film but ended up combining electronic film music with punk rock. I ended up with a huge wall of sound.

How did you manage to work through the obstacles you were faced with as an artist? What has been the most challenging for you so far?

I lost my actual speaking voice over four years ago and underwent up to three separate operations to save it with huge gaps in between. So when it came to recording vocals on the new album, I would record up to fifty takes per verse, chorus bridge & middle 8. I am a producer and engineer too,  so I didn't really have many issues but for some exhaustion. I have been a recording a trilogy of albums, back-to-back since 2016 and am already mixing track one of the next album.

Which track off your album “AREA” do you feel is most impactful to its listener? 

Possibly "Profound", which is actually what the album is meant to evoke. Yet others such as "Importance Of Being Zero" and "Hello Discovery" are hugely impactful too, but check out "Rebel Still Runs". 

In what ways does your music serve as a reflection of who you are as an artist?

I am my own worst critic. I change and discuss between myself - ‘’Oh, it should be more harder in terms of sound, darker or sentiment." But I think it captures me totally at that time. The album is a description of escapism, a sense of being alone, only you to keep yourself alive. It's raw, brutal, real and I hope, original.

We know you’re destined for greatness & we’re looking forward to so much from you Jenna Leigh-Raine! What can we expect in the future?

I am currently mixing a track called Connection. I think it shows my sound at its finest in three minutes. It's huge a wall of anthematic, electronic punk rock. It's very uplifting but uneasy in theme about how we will keep ourselves alive, in an underground world run by a dark state of men. a time to hide. I was listening to lots of music throughout making Area, out this fall, such as music from the Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack, Arcadia, Duran Duran, Sex Pistols, Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Avril Lavigne - who I adore - and of course, Gary Numan, my ultimate music great. 


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