Jenna Leigh-Raine Blends Together a Thought-Provoking Message With an Energetic Vibe in “Connection”

Jenna Leigh-Raine recently released her single titled “Connection” and this song has completely transported us back in time with its trail-blazing but vintage punk rock aesthetic. “Connection” was limitless, showcasing various elements in which makes this single a complete unique force to be reckoned with. This expansive single had an electronic rock vibe fused with futuristic components to deliver a multi-dimensional anthem that you will not forget! The vocals in “Connection” had a raw early rock n roll sound that gives this song a nice classic appeal. The arrangement in “Connection” was quite dynamic with augmented instrumentation and electrifying vocals. You can hear the various synths in “Connection” that remind you of a hard-hitting psychedelic era of pop-rock back in the classic days, which makes “Connection” a timeless single that will translate well with both the youth and the older generation.

Our favorite element to “Connection” was most definitely the lyrical meaning behind the song. According to Jenna Leigh-Raine, “Connection” is a song that’s about needing a singular individual who may be there for you as support in the future underworld where humans are simply a commodity. This was super cool and intricate, giving a thought-provoking approach with a vibrant punk rock feel. “Connection” was an overall outstanding single that impressed us to the depths!

You can purchase the album here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jenna Leigh-Raine! What's your motto for 2020?

Just go do it. No talk. Get the result.

We really enjoyed your new single “Connection”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

I have been concentrating a lot on production value as well as pushing my abilities forward in all aspects of making music and albums. I write mainly lyric first with melody ie I found myself in an airport lounge waiting on a delayed flight from Bordeaux in France. I out of nowhere came out with around five vocal melodies and eventually turned two into full productions/songs for the next album. A far darker sounding production as heard on CONNECTION 

What inspired you to write this single? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists on this track?

CONNECTION is about a time forward when further than living under a big brother system it's written about a future where we have got to survive individually and trust is few but a CONNECTION or trust in the least one is golden but still unsure. It's a very dark theme which is 'uneasy and not meant to sit well. A reality possibly where females are a commodity in a labor force of men by machine /, black state (alien) dark force. It's a very cinematic and electronic rock with a chunky guitar a nu dark rock wave. I'll except this I am so put off by what seems an 'Edit friendly R&B/TRAP market especially in the USA. So I have to fight harder especially as a female solo musician and producer, but I am happy with what I do. Influences these days I'm unsure how to answer. I'm more focused on pushing myself.  But there are artists around like KANGA from LA who Impresses me and POPPY is doing good stuff and YUNGBLUD from LEEDS in the UK and Kim Petras German in LA and Gary Numan/ NIN.

Is there a new album coming?

YES. I am this time after many working on each as if they were projects. Even if I record 13 tracks but don't think they fit I may this time choose 9-10. I'm quite focused that this album will be themed yet recorded front to back within a year. I'm five tracks in and hope for a summer/fall release. We have now full worldwide digital distribution and some major retail stores such as Amoebe and UK HMV etc.  

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? I'm focusing on putting a tour together or least start with some showcase such as one upcoming at the Whiskey but more I hope to get a major support tour. But apart from that build my studio on one side of the Atlantic. Its been a long time since I performed live my last was supporting with a band for one-fifth of UK act Orbital. I am very busy working hard to get my records and name global. Finally, I may possibly give news of a film involvement soon still secret.