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Jenna Leigh-Raine Premieres The Anticipated Hit, “Importance Of Being Zero”

Jenna Leigh Raine is pulling out all the right tricks with her new single “Importance Of Being Zero”, out now! This modern contemporary punk rock track was written off the idea of originality. Not copying and becoming a clone of the Kardashian clan was the main focus. As vital as it is during this current age for people to exhibit authenticity, Jenna Leigh-Raine is letting us know the reality of it all with this exhilarating track. Exhilarating is an understatement to describe this highly elevating hit!

The chaotic production provided excitement and an electrifying shock factor to the song. We loved how the record represented the authenticity in Jenna Leigh-Raine, and how she was aiming to evoke this sense into her listener. The arrangement of the lyrics was detailed and added a sense of complexity to the texture. This would be described as “avant-garde” for me. Very inversive, yet simply delivered! Jenna Leigh Raine is undeniably a rising star who has a lot to look forward to in her career, with a highly-energetic, kick-ass intricate record like “Importance Of Being Zero”.

Listen to “Importance Of Being Zero” here and get to know more about Jenna Leigh Raine below!

Introducing Jenna Leigh-Raine! Mind telling us a little bit about your background and your upbringing? In what ways has your growing environment affected your music today?

I was born in Surrey UK but schooled in rio de jenero til completing in London. I traveled got signed to a management deal in Paris in my late teens as part of wea. I fell in-love with Los Angeles on my first trip aged 18. I have a connection with native beat and wanted to create anthem mixing a modern punk rock with pow wow beat. we are in strange times and more than any so importance of being zero ' is about (being original) don't copy others be your whole true self. I had before recording the track completed a intended film score sound track which was released last year in uk usa. I wanted to just play guitar again rather than the intense detail in creating film music. Importance of being zero is a warcall anthem in strange times.

Let’s discuss this unforgettable record “Importance Of Being Zero”. What inspired your songwriting for this song?

Again I mixed my love of punk rock though more importantly I wanted to say to the kids be yourself don't be a clone in a time of social media.

What are some challenges you faced in the making of this song?

I was a trained drummer from age 14 and because I wanted to mix in a strong tribal native beat 'warcall. I wanted to play real drums so I played live overdubb burundi style drum over a punk rythmn. I mixed it many times and finally got the balancing right crisp loud raw real'.

How do you hope “Importance Of Being Zero” translates to its listener?

It's a fun authentic anthem to be your true self. It is sitting between an era where current pop is fairly generic. I would just like the listener feel it's spirit of freedom and meaning.

What’s next for you ?

I am releasing the album which this track comes from called 'area. I'm going to appear in a feature movie called A Conversation With Srangers, look out for it! I would love to tour after 3 long years recording up to 3 project's. Finally it was a long album to record ending in 15 tracks. Enjoy and wear your tribal stripes well. The importance of being zero is about starting with nothing at zero all you can and fight believe in you don't copy others authentic do it for yourself which is the punk ethic. A leaving note I have a brand new track that proceeds this album that takes my sound further. Connect with others!

xxx Jenna


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