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Jennie Harluk Announces A New And Soulful Single, "The Fool"

The Calgary-based singer-songwriter, recording artist, and multi-instrumentalist Jennie Harluk announces the release of her compelling and anthemic sophomore single, "The Fool."

Jennie Harluk began her venture into a music career by studying piano as a child and learning her way around the guitar. By the age of ten, Harluk was performing regularly and writing her songs. Her most notable accomplishment is performing at renowned events like the Calgary Stampede and Alberta's iteration of the Country Thunder Festival.

Jennie Harluk's forthcoming single, "The Fool," follows her radiant and bold debut single, "Blame It On Me," and is said to showcase her passionate and meaningful lyricism along with her upbeat and lively instrumental atmospheres.

After a private listen, we were swooned by Harluk's soulful performance and gripping talent; she makes it hard to ignore such a unique and sought-after pop/country sound. While singing an inspirational message of love and loss, she offers a bright and beaming performance to keep us locked in and engaged.

Don't miss out on Jennie Harluk's soulful and engaging forthcoming single, "The Fool," coming soon to your digital streaming platform.


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