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Jennie Harluk Is All That Is Powerful Self-Reflection

Bringing us her delicate, yet prevailing croons, Calgary-native Jennie Harluk brings forth a myriad of emotions in the music that she creates.

Most recently with the release of her intimate single “The Fool,” we get to grasp onto the truth she weaves into her lyrical motifs as she tells a tale of heartbreak. Mesmerizing us with emotional themes that one feels after experiencing this type of ache, we navigate through vulnerability displayed to us in regret, loneliness, and the messiness that accompanies the melancholy situation.

Although Jennie Harluk emits a narrative close to her, she aims to provide her audience with the closure that they need no matter what this record makes them feel. Captivated by the airy guitar riffs, and the shredded edginess that allows us to clasp onto “The Fool” in a newfound dimension, we admire the layers of depth that bring forth a rush of vocal excellence by the hopeful emerging artist.

Tap into your inner emotions with "The Fool," streaming on all platforms.

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