Jennifer Juliette Slowly Rebuilds Her "Columns," in a New Single

Welsh singer-songwriter, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Juliette releases a highly relatable and emotional single entitled "Columns."

The Berlin-based artist offers a powerful and mesmerizing cross between her classical training and mainstream pop. Having performed at iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House, the Vienna Opera House, and the Royal Albert Hall in London, it's safe to say that Jennifer Juliette and her many creative outlets are here to stay.

Gearing up to release her debut EP entitled 'Anchor,' Jennifer Juliette recently released the project's lead single, "Columns." A savory and deeply emotional tune, Jennifer Juliette wears her heart on her sleeve while allowing listeners to sonically experience her hardships in regards to love and loss.

Taking a deeper listen to "Columns," the song peacefully opens with a haunting piano melody that brings listeners into the song's emotional theme. As Jennifer Juliette makes her breathy and powerful vocal appearance, she begins to enlighten us on her disappointing ventures with love and building up her columns just for someone to tear them down before her eyes.

As we move into the hook, a downtempo drum arrangement begins to melt through our speakers while Jennifer Juliette sings of facing her pain instead of blindly dismissing it and wishing it away. As Juliette belts her powerful vocals on the outro hook one last time, she closes the song on this empowering note while reminding listeners to stand firm in their ground and not let anyone take their inner light away.

Experience the lush vocal stylings of Jennifer Juliette in her latest emotional single, "Columns,"