Jennifer Klein Wants You To Remember, “It’s Gonna Be Okay”

San Diego's very own prolific singer-songwriter and composer of life experiences, Jennifer Klein, reminds us that "It's Gonna Be Okay" with her latest hopeful single.

Jennifer Klein's music is nourishment for the heart and soul. Her authentic and soulful lyrics, paired with her broad vocal range and soothing instrumentals, never fail to resonate with listeners. She's able to form a solid connection with listeners spanning multiple generations.

Jennifer Klein's music career started years ago in Nashville with the release of three full-length albums, not to mention her two records in 2019, Looking for Comfort and Lean into Joy. With a new album on the way, Klein is satisfying our sonic cravings in the meantime with her warm embrace of a single, "It's Gonna Be Okay."

The new song gently opens with bright acoustic guitar melodies alongside expansive background strings to make for quite the cinematic introduction. Jennifer Klein adds to the experience with her captivating vocals that treat the ears to relatable lyrics about life's many pressures, trials, and tribulations.

As Jennifer Klein leads us to the soothing hook, she reminds us that this pain is only temporary and, of course, "It's Gonna Be Okay."

The instrumentals slowly expand with added sonic emotion through a complete string section and Klein's plucky acoustic guitar. She has no problem tugging on our heartstrings with such honest lyrics that examine life's low points but strive to come out on top. It's truly a refreshing and inspirational listening experience that any listener can appreciate.

Nourish the heart and soul with a sweet serving of Jennifer Klein and her latest compelling single, "It's Gonna Be Okay," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jennifer Klein. You've truly moved us with the release of your stunning new single, "It's Gonna Be Okay." What inspired you to write about moving past life's low points and keeping the faith?

I wrote this song during the COVID lockdown. It was such an uncertain time for everyone, and it was almost as if the song was being sung to me as I wrote it. The words poured out, and I just let them flow. It was a special experience and taught me how to let go more in my songwriting.

Were there any personal challenges or obstacles you faced when creating "It's Gonna Be Okay?” What was the most difficult part of the experience?

It was just a completely different environment in every way during this time. I was coming to terms with personal relationships that I had been able to avoid looking at, and being home without the normal distractions forced me to go inward. This was scary but actually ended up being a huge gift ultimately. I was also so fearful and sad for everyone. Witnessing people losing loved ones was difficult, and I believe created a sort of overall bond with each other. I think “It’s Gonna Be Okay” is a simple message that almost everyone needed to hear during that time, and actually, we need to hear it many times throughout our lives.

Did you collaborate with any producers, songwriters, or musicians when creating "It's Gonna Be Okay?” What was that behind-the-scenes process like?

I did not collaborate in writing this song. For me, writing songs is extremely vulnerable, so I like to write on my own when it comes naturally. I write all of my songs on my acoustic guitar, and then if I like it and feel it’s complete, I record it on my phone and then send it to my producer to listen to. It’s a little scary sending it, for sure! I love working with a producer that can take my song to the next level and add their personality/talent/expertise to it. It’s amazing! I have been working with Colin Althaus for a couple of years. I completely trust him, and I am so grateful that he produced this song and some of my recent releases.

Why is it important for you to create songs like "It's Gonna Be Okay" that inspire the listener and nourish their heart and soul?

As I mentioned earlier, songwriting is a very personal process for me. My songs come from an organic, genuine place that I cannot force. I just have to let it happen. I don’t write with any expectations or specific intentions; it just feels like the most authentic way of expressing myself. It also feels unbelievable and satisfying after I finish writing a song, almost like a small miracle. I do love performing, but I am most thankful for how it feels when I write songs. For me, it’s easier to communicate that way. I do hope that people can relate to my songs, but I try not to think about that. I write them and then share them, and then I let go completely.

What's next for you?

My next single is “All That Mattered” (date TBD). This song was written with a broken heart, and you definitely can hear that. I think this is a song that almost everyone can relate to… at the beginning of a relationship, we see only the good in the other person. Then as time goes by, we start to forget, and before we know it, we aren’t seeing that beautiful person anymore. This song is about, hopefully, remembering and then making a choice to see the good again.