Jenny J Nam Takes Her Listener On A Journey With The Scenic Production Of “Noho (North Hollywood)

Born and raised in South Korea and now living in her new home in Los Angeles, CA. Jenny J Nam is an award-winning composer, songwriter, pianist for multi-genres and music producer.

We took a listen to “Noho (North Hollywood)” which seems to be inspired by the location of the city itself and we were stunned! The production was funky with a rhythmic danceable element floating behind the invigorating synths. The multitude of dimensions Noho has ranged from different genres of music fused into one hit. There’s no specific sound we can use to describe this record other than a spectacular combination and product of pure intelligence from an artist who knows the true meaning behind artistic creation. “Noho” was one step ahead with every new element that was provided to us. I loved the journey Jenny takes you on as a listener through twists and turns with each corner of the song. You can’t get enough of this unpredictable record that will have you dancing and grooving uncontrollably!

Listen to “Noho (North Hollywood)” here.


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