Jenny Teator Inspires Us With Her Rocking Single “Rise Up”

From St. Louis to Nashville, alt-rock artist Jenny Teator returns with another hard-hitting track “Rise Up”. After performing at notable venues across the United States and accumulating over 100,000+ streams on Spotify, Jenny Teator is constantly growing her talent through each song and performance. Her latest single “Rise Up” captures powerful rocking instrumentation alongside Jenny Teator’s sultry and hypnotic vocals. While creating a bold and invigorating atmosphere, “Rise Up” exhibits power and persistence to come out strong in the end. With shifts in tempo, we’re left with an incredibly exciting and dynamic track ready to get you out of your seat.

“Rise Up” begins with seductive electric guitar breaking down an intriguing melody, anticipating Jenny Teator’s riveting vocals sharing empowering and indulgent lyrics like, “A voice in my heart says rise up, even when I’m not quite ready”. “Rise Up” speaks on finding that last boost of power and giving it all you’ve got in dark times like these. With upbeat and layered instrumentation from heavy drum patterns to bold harmonica solo’s, we’re left wanting more of Jenny Teator and her inspiring sound. She’s effortlessly taken groovy alt-rock elements and blended her motivating lyrics, taking inspiration to new and refreshing wavelengths.

Listen to "Rise Up" here.