Jerelle Heats Up the Music Industry With His Single "Fuego"

The writer, creator, and artist/rapper Jerelle returns with a flaming hot single titled, "Fuego."

The young artist has been writing since he can remember, from his conceptual bars to heartfelt poetry, Jerelle is continuously filling his work with the infinite passion that inspires him. With his latest single "Fuego," we can hear Jerelle's unhindered confidence shine over the track while looking back to note the exceptional growth we've seen from him. Through upbeat delivery and a bouncy hip-hop/R&B beat, we can't help but get down alongside Jerelle with each bar. With help from the playful beat, Jerelle provides a groovy summer bop that anyone can enjoy.

"Fuego" begins with upbeat keys that perfectly set the vibe for this lively track. While Jerelle starts rapping in a very bright and energetic tone, he's added a fun-loving approach within seconds and raps with confidence about the blessings he's seen within his career. The beat slaps through with groovy drum patterns and sparkling hi-hats that perfectly complement the track's deep low-end. The production is very intricate and offers different depths that Jerelle naturally explores with his flawless delivery. Not only are his bars "Fuego," but his organic vocals are incredibly melodic and show us the natural talent that Jerelle effortlessly showcases. With an upbeat tune that portrays nothing but confidence, Jerelle's single "Fuego" has us wanting more from the talented young artist.

Your single "Fuego" gives off a fun and spirited vibe. What was your main inspiration behind the track? 

Fuego was honestly one of my favorite songs that we finished up in 2019. The idea was a song that had more bounce to it but I could rap BARS, let people know where I came from, and the changes that I am adapting to. Opening the song up with “Opening of the movie, you all my groupies..” Was a little line inspired by Aminè. It was to show how the tables have turned. Back in high school, I used to beg strangers to play my music and everyone hated. I put the work in now and they are finally starting to watch the film. 

Did you produce "Fuego" yourself, or did you have a producer help create the vibe within the single? What was the creative process like?

Fuego was one of the most organic creations I’ve done with someone else.. Felix is the producer and he had been working on a beat during the day. I walked into the late-night session a little beat up from the day. I wanted to make someone else happier with the music. Felix was playing the beat when we walked into the room. I instantly saw the vision. We tightened a few things up and structured everything together and added the breakdown at the end of the track for our live show aspect. In the end, the track was our favorite song to perform and that was the goal with it. Felix and the team went on to create an EP last year. 

We've noticed that you have many loyal fans constantly returning for more music. Why do you think so many listeners are naturally drawn to your sound and style? 

I feel like I have more returning listeners because I take pride in the growth. I’ve always grown with my family and it’s always been my thing to completely tie my life and music together. You hear what I am going through in the music. I think that grows with our listeners, we are building a whole family of growth together.

What do you strive to represent as an artist, and what should listeners associate your brand with?

People should notify us as the artists who create for life and change altogether. I put my pain, my love, my passion, my whole heart, my happiness, my anger, and my ego all into the music. You will only get the raw and uncut me. The brand is all for your own entertainment, growth, and motivation to do better within yourself and for the other around you. Take what you want from it. I’ll always be creating. It’s therapy for me. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

The fans and supporters have kept me driven. We have all been taking hits this year. And we are just midway through, I just want to keep the team and fans motivated and inspired through all of this. I have personal goals I need to make happen as well through these next few months and years. It all keeps me sharp between the ears. Lastly, I just love making music, art, and entertaining. It keeps me healthy.