Jerelle's Creativity Keeps Him, "Up All Night"

On the grind since 2008, the singer-songwriter, producer, and r&b artist Jerelle returns to emphasize his continuous journey with a reflective single, "Up All Night."

Jerelle found himself in many creative endeavors throughout his childhood and adolescence, from writing poetry, singing, and listening to music. After realizing that music was his calling, Jerelle later established a unique r&b sound with help from his fascination with guitars and heavy drum breaks.

Now releasing his contemplative single, "Up All Night," Jerelle explores his subconscious mind through heavy-hitting lyrics and smooth r&b sonics/instrumentals. While riding the beat with incredible poise and composure, Jerelle makes it difficult to ignore such a moving and intriguing sound.

Beginning our journey into the single "Up All Night," we're met with soothing r&b keys and a haunting array of ghost vocals. Once the soft beat drops with textured drum breaks, Jerelle makes his way in to release his inner thoughts and troubles. Right off the bat, we can't help but hear a similarly intense and honest vibe to Russ; however, Jerelle provides a more personal and genuine experience.

What we adore about Jerelle is that there's no need to search for lyrics and ponder over what he's saying, as his crisp, tight, and articulate vocal delivery lets listeners deep into his musical experience the first time around. What also stands out is Jerelle's honest ways, as he hits us with meaningful bars like "-the mic is my therapist, ease the demons in my mind while I air it out," truly leaving us in awe throughout the entire song.

Find Jerelle's recent introspective single "Up All Night" on all streaming platforms, and show the young singer-songwriter some love as he lets us into his personal and creative world.

Hello Jerelle and welcome back to BuzzMusic. We're genuinely moved by the organic tones and personal themes within your recent single, "Up All Night." What pushed you to create this heavily reflective single?

“Up All Night” honestly came together super organically. I was going through a lot in the past two years, just like everyone else... I lost family members, almost lost cousins, canceled tours, and was working on getting through some things on my mental. I had friends I lost due to my actions in the past and I was kinda reflecting on some things from my past. Exposed a few things about it too. but I’ll always let the music do the talking.

We highly appreciate your genuine lyricism and bars within "Up All Night." What did you want to plant in listeners' minds with your lyricism in this single?

I wanted people to truly understand first of all, where I am coming from.. I had things to say, where I felt people could relate. And secondly, music is always therapeutic for me.. I have to release some things heavy on my mind and heart. I wanted people to know it’s normal to feel this way and to think these things. We lose people, we move on and create new relationships. It’s just how life is. It’s no longer keeping me “Up All Night”.

Did you work entirely solo when creating the smooth sonics for "Up All Night?" How did you formulate the sonics to offer this soothing and reflective atmosphere?

I didn’t create this solo. I recently connected with one of my favorite producers from across the world. Mickey from Australia has truly held me down through this pandemic. From venting and figuring out things in my head, to working on music with me remotely. It’s been a pleasure. We have so much more music hidden and locked in the vault, we can’t wait to release it to the world. Mickey produced the beat beautifully and I recorded, mixed, and mastered the track. I tried to keep things empty and raw, to keep the whole emotion to its purest form.

Are there any artists or producers that you look up to when experiencing a creative block? Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

Creative block always seems to happen when the most need to get done.. But I always try to clear my mind outside of music. And then tap back in when my mind is clear. I always run to find inspiration from artists such as JON BELLION, G-EAZY, or JUSTIN BEIBER... They all seem to inspire me with their BTS of their musical creativity and inspired me to release some BTS of my own. You can find them all on my YOUTUBE channel at BEWARE SOUND. BUZZMUSIC LA, thank you for always giving artists like me an outlet to be showcased. We all have been working hella hard, after all, you guys have been through and the world together in the past year. We appreciate you, girls, doing what you do. Much love and I can’t wait to get more music out to y’all!