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Jeremiah Cole Stirs Up Love in, "Crushing on Ya"

Many years in the making, Jeremiah Cole, formerly known as Jeremy Cole, is a Pop/R&B singer-songwriter.

Based in NYC and originally from Wilmington, DE, he is also a grad of the famed Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts and has appeared on television in shows like Showtime at the Apollo, and The Voice.

After two single and video releases in the early 2010s, he took a hiatus and rebranded as Jeremiah Cole. Later releasing the emotional ballad/mid-tempo single, ‘Story Ends,’ he returns with a display of up-tempo fusion in the single “Crushing on Ya.”

Approaching the vibrancy of this record with a nostalgic outlook, we’re instantly transported to a 1960’s environment that infuses sounds of the modern-day essence Pop music embraces in this present music industry.

Intertwining ourselves with the effervescent grooves stirred up by the tightly knit drum patterns, there’s a rhythmic jauntiness that brings out the heart and soul we carry within ourselves. Jeremiah Cole’s protruding croons are etched into our minds as we transition through the melismatic quintessence that he carries in his buoyant performance.

“Crushing on Ya,” embodies the harmonious bliss that you experience when falling in love with someone. Inviting us into this sustained ballad that delves into a narrative of feeling profound emotions for someone you’ve set your eyes on, Jeremiah Cole has us swaying to the infectious energy that he propels in this dreamy soundscape.

Bringing forth an environment that has us dabbling in the sweet juxtaposition that a flourishing ambiance fashions, there’s something so raw about the thoughts that Jeremiah Cole evokes within each of us. Up for interpretation, this track will strike up a various series of feelings in each person tapping in. Connecting with his audience on a level that ties into their own personal experience, we’re huge fans of the world that Jeremiah Cole creates.

We really admire the way you approach your creations in such a well-thought-out fashion. With “Crushing on Ya,” being a song that can connect differently to everyone tuning in, what is the meaning of this song to you?

"Crushing on Ya" is the pop song I’ve always wanted to write and perform. I’ve been through a lot over the years and so a lot of my writing has skewed a little darker and more emotional. It’s not to say that I won’t still create those songs as well, but I wanted to release something that was pure energetic fun and with a subject matter to which we can all relate. We’ve all had crushes and not just as kids. I’m a grown-ass man and still have plenty of “crushes”! Approaching a crush as an adult is more fun too because it usually involves adult beverages and/or herbal refreshments. Haha!

Could you please shine a light on the creative process that you embarked on when bringing this song to life?

My creative process is usually the same for all my songs these days. When I was a kid just starting out, I didn’t really trust my instincts as well. I was signed to a few different managers and production deals in the earlier years and I kinda just went with the flow of whomever I was working with, sometimes building a track from scratch and sometimes writing to a finished track that had been submitted. Now that I’m running the show, I have a pretty good system down. I usually give my producer/co-writer about 4 or 5 examples of songs that I want the record to “feel” like. He creates an instrumental, I write to it, and then he adds accents and embellishments after I lay down the vocals to really bring it to the next level.

Your vocals truly create an atmospheric essence that instills liveliness into this track. What inspires the themes that you write about, and the way you choose to harmonize the melodies cast out?

I try to write from experience as much as possible, but when I’m blocked, I’ll just create a scenario in my head. I’ve studied acting on and off since I was a kid, so putting myself in the mind and experience of other people is not that far-fetched. Since I don’t play instruments and writing/recording is always a collaborative effort, I also allow the instrumental track to inspire the direction of the lyrics and melody. In terms of tracking vocals and layering harmonies, I don’t have one specific technique. I’ve studied theory, but it’s definitely not my strong suit. I usually just figure it out by ear as I go along. I used to lean heavily on producers to feed me harmonies and backgrounds, but I’m finally trusting my instincts and doing a lot of the arrangements on my own.

What’s your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that’s carried out through everything you do?

Wow. The ultimate goal is always to create music that inspires and connects with the listeners. The twist is that it has to be music that I also enjoy personally. I’m extremely hard on myself, so if I don’t have the song on repeat, it’s a miss. I have to believe in the music first. So if I release it and you don’t vibe with it, it’s out of my hands. I’ve done my best. At the end of the day, art is subjective.

What's next for you?

First and foremost, I would love to shoot a video for “Crushing on Ya” and possibly the previous single “Story Ends”. I have so many ideas in my head. At the same time, I’m working on completing the first Jeremiah Cole EP, “Reborn for the First Time”, which should have been finished last year! Coming up with a budget as an independent artist is challenging. After the EP, a full-length album is in order for sure.


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