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Jeremy Remond Releases “Lord Help”

Jeremy Remond released his single “Lord Help”. A vibe single that can be added to all our moody playlists. What was so dope about this song was the vocalist in the beginning. Her comforting voice set the vibe for the song and you can’t help but become intrigued and abducted into the atmospheric singing. Jeremy flow transitions in and it’s seemingly perfectly timed. The impeccable flow and charisma he demonstrated gave us the impression that he’s serious about his artistry and his music. He knows how to deliver bars with emotional conviction while spitting the message of each individual song. From ST.Louis, he undoubtedly represents a new generation in the Midwest. With quick-witted flows, intrinsic story-telling, and musing metaphors, he continues to prove that he belongs. He faced multiple adversities in his life in which makes you think it’s almost inevitable that he needs to be heard by a larger audience. With a story to tell and good music to back it, Jeremy Remond is an unforgettable artist we will hear more about later on down the road.

Listen to "Lord Help" here, and get to know Jeremy Remond better in our interview below!

How was it growing up in ST. louis?

Growing up in STL was what made me who I am today. The culture, the people, and the history gave me grounding that I still hold with me to this very day. I think growing up in STL gives you a unique perspective on various things, in many ways like being known as the underdog, especially in the music scene.

Do you think your growing environments impacted your artistry and music?

Definitely! Growing up, I saw a lot of what STL had to offer, from violence in the city to racism in the county. This definitely helped cultivate me as a person and also helped to create my story so far.

Do you have any music influences? If so who and why?

Growing up, I would listen to major artists heavily. At the time it was Wayne (Carter III) Jay, Em, Ye, to name a few, then pops would always play Pac, BoneThugz, and Three6Mafia always, so their sounds all played a part. I would say these artists helped me solely with musicality as far as story telling, all the OG’s knew how to tell a story, didn’t matter what it was about but you felt connected just by being involved in the story, like hearing a movie only by ear. Also people like Wayne gave me the understanding of metaphors and how it affects the listener in a song, definitely a game changer for me as an teen.

If you can collaborate with any other rapper today who would it be and why?

Hmmmm. That’s a tough one, I’ll name a few for the same reason. Drake, Jay, Kendrick, Cole, Ross and Future. They not only know how to make hits but hits THAT LAST, meaning they have the story telling behind it that transcends time. That’s really the fine line that I want to come in the game with, making great story telling songs but with crazy beats that can move people.

What’s your opinion on the current state of hip-hop and rap music?

Honestly, I think it’s the strongest it’s ever been, from a business perspective. Meaning it has become the most influential genre and also garnered the most attention throughout the masses, EVERYONE knows major hip hop artists nowadays. On the other hand, I can say that the culture has changed for sure, it’s more of an attention game so now you have the young guys who rap only for attention instead of expression, they can care less about what rap and hip hop is truly about and only want the fame. Self expression is where I believe the true art in this craft is, it’s all about expressing yourself, no matter who’s watching.

What’s the most influential part about being a rapper?

Similar to my last answer, I would say self expression. Hip hop and rap has always been a release for me and given me the ability to have a voice. I think expressing yourself and telling your story helps the next generation by creating inspiration, people see what you’ve been through and can relate. The world is ever evolving and changing and I think art and self expression is what makes rappers influential. People spend money to see us or hear our voice on a track, that’s the epitome of a rapper. The influential part is how you express yourself and what you put out in your music, that’s the true power.

Whats next for you in 2019?

Whew, 2019! I’ve worked super hard to get things done last year and now I’m looking forward to releasing a few more of my singles from my upcoming EP “Middle of America” and hopefully gaining some looks for shows or potentially a tour! Also I’ve got some great rap video releases coming out regularly on my YouTube, they will be freestyles to all of your favorite rappers hits on the radio. So be on the look out for that and details on the next releases, but 2019 is all about more music and consistency to put myself in position to gain the attention of the masses.


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