Jeremy Schonfeld Takes Listeners on an Uplifting Journey With His Tender Single, "Proof of Rain"

From St. Louis to New York City, the charting Singer/Songwriter, Producer, and Composer Jeremy Schonfeld releases an uplifting, contemplative piece with his latest single, "Proof of Rain."

After performing at the massive multi-media concert Iron & Coal with over 230 musicians and performers on stage, Jeremy Schonfeld has moved forward with the creation of his forthcoming album, "Brooklyn to Beacon."

The first single from the project is "Proof of Rain," the song takes listeners through an uplifting adventure with Jeremy Schonfeld's story-like lyricism, depicting three parts of a tedious journey. From a boy discovering his musical passion and talent, a young man navigating through life with his ambitions, to a middle-aged man questioning the legacy he'll leave. 

"Proof of Rain" begins with airy drum patterns and mellow piano, delivering an ambiance that's entirely intoxicating. While Jeremy Schonfeld begins serenading us with his tender vocals, his lyrical message shines through with vivid imagery surrounding a wide-eyed boy finding his purpose.

Reaching the song's hook, Jeremy Schonfeld's layered vocals full of breath deliver lyrics that establish his musical meaning and place in this world. 

The surrounding instrumentation steadily expands with added electric guitar swelling up the background, enchanting organ, and a subtle yet groovy bassline. The song acts as a delicate yet highly empowering tune that encourages listeners to take it day by day and avoid rushing the process.

Jeremy Schonfeld's passionate and conceptual single "Proof of Rain" drifts over like the fade between evening and night sky while pushing an intoxicating atmosphere for listeners to feel safe and secure.

Listen to "Proof of Rain" here.


We love the concept behind your empowering single, "Proof of Rain." What inspired such a conceptual storyline?

Glad you dig the tune, thank you. Basically, I woke up from a thunderstorm-filled evening to the start of a beautiful, sunny morning. Looking out my bedroom window, you wouldn’t have even known it had rained save for this steady dripping of water from the roof above. Made me think about legacy, what we do, what we create, where you leave your mark in this world. “Like water dripping down from the roof I am proof of the rain” came from that moment. Could you take us through your songwriting process for "Proof of Rain?" How did you break down your lyrical message into three different parts that are all equally engaging?

Well, from a craft perspective, I think you need to challenge yourself as a writer and really work a lyric. You know, take out the tool belt and fine-tune, be as specific as you can be with what you are trying to say. For “ Proof of Rain” I knew once I created that trance-inducing musical pattern that the lyric was going to be a kind of introspective, moody journey in three parts. The trick was to make sure I was able to pack those main emotional story points while maintaining the style and flow the song required.  Speaking on the instrumentation within "Proof of Rain," what was it like working with Producers Brandon Morrison, Will Bryant, and Lee Falco when crafting the sonic ambiance?

Will, Brandon, Lee (The Restless Age), and I had worked together a few months prior to an EP for a show I was creating, so I understood the strong chemistry. These guys are all old souls, great at what they do, passionate and musical pros. Co-producing can sometimes be challenging when it’s with two of you, but try working with four? Turns out, it’s actually pretty terrific. I give credit to the boys for their patience and ability to really discuss and debate in mutually respectful ways. A song like “Proof of Rain” requires a lot of nuances, subtle shifts in intensity, volume and build. “Brooklyn to Beacon" is filled with that kind of musicianship. You’ve got to be willing to find those moments, open up the process to exploration. I could do that with those guys.

Seeing as "Proof of Rain" is said to be a personal and contemplative piece, was it difficult for you to open up and be vulnerable while writing your deep lyricism?

Good question. For me, this kind of complex emotional exploration tends to be where I live the most. I mean, my last album, “Iron & Coal” was about the parallel emotional journeys of a father who survives the Holocaust and his son trying to emerge from underneath the long shadows of Auschwitz once his father has passed away - me and my Dad. It’s never easy diving into the deep end of the pool, scraping away, but it can also be incredibly rewarding for both the artist and the listener.  What can listeners expect next from you? Do you have any new music in the works?

“Brooklyn to Beacon” drops at the end of November, so if you dig “Proof of Rain” please check out the full album! And yes, I’m hard at work on a few projects, hopefully, a new concept album for 2021!