Jerome Obholz Takes Us Through an Emotional Moment With "All You Want"

Jerome Obholz is a Nashville based Pop artist who writes emotional music that takes you on a journey through his life. Recently Jerome brought a few mixes to his producer and out came his latest enchanting single "All You Want". This record has a lot of raw emotion and energy in it; it takes you across what seems like an emotional rollercoaster. "All you Want" features a very dynamic evolving drum rhythm, atmospheric ethereal pads, an upbeat campfire like guitar, and an honest modern feeling vocal that transforms throughout the song. Jerome's vocal performance is what completes the song and makes it feel whole, the songwriting is incredibly catchy and gets stuck in your head immediately.

In the chorus of the song, the vocal transforms to have an ethereal vocoder effect that helps support the lyrics being said. The drums in "All You Want" feel extremely organic and alive, they transform from being tamer to exploding in the pre-chorus and chorus. The production of this record perfectly suites the story Jerome is creating and manages to keep the energy high but gives enough space for the vocal to breathe. We can't wait to see more music that Jerome is creating.