Jesse AKA Meeks and Jibril Channel Weekend Vibes and Give Us "Fridaze"

Asserting themselves with prowess into the rap game, Jesse aka Meeks and Jibril team up on their latest track "Fridaze." These guys are tapping into their inner Ice Cube on this latest track, not since "Smoke Some Weed" have we heard so many notions about tokin' on a track. As we sit and vibe out to this dope session, we should get on board with their message. Both originally from Toronto, together these lyrical wordsmiths, are creating cleaver and sophisticated rhymes. Both with a successful catalog of promising projects, garnering thousands of views on streaming platforms, it was only a matter of time for Jesse aka Meeks and Jibril, to collab and vibe together.

"Fridaze" offers ambient soundscapes taking us back to early 2000 rap days, and it's slow downed 808 styled beats, layer this track to create a fine-tuned artistic object. Their ability to spout rhymes are delivered with straightforward aptitude, vocalizing color into the subject matter, the two create an air of ostentation in their verses. "Fridaze" is guaranteed to amp up your mood and inspired you to set course on your own knock out weekend! Discover "Fridaze" here.