Jesse Gonzalez & His Recent Sound of "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol"

Jesse Gonzalez hails from the Rio Grande Valley and has recently taken up writing and recording as an artist. His initial jump into the music world began in October 2019, and he already has released two singles: "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol" and "Trampa De Amor". Songs that are entirely in the Spanish dialect, Jesse Gonzalez shares his moving rhythm and intrinsic passion for music and sounds. You can expect to feel relaxed and tranquil while listening to Jesse Gonzalez--even when his songs radiate a magnetic atmosphere, there still remains a sense of calmness to his voice. His one track, "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol" really stood out to us for its diversified approach, in which Jesse Gonzalez really takes on the task of creating multiple ambiances within one song.

 Jesse's song "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol" offers varying components to us as listeners. There's quick energy that immediately hits you when you listen to the track. This energy dissipates eventually into more of a laidback, but vigouring beat. Jesse Gonzalez picked the perfect production for this type of track, especially regarding the vocal sound that projects into and blends with the instrumentals. Eventually, you'll find yourself in the middle of the track, where instead of containing an element of rejuvenation, it's more of an inspiring one. The guitar becomes ever so present nearing the end of "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol", and sets the mood like a great winding down atmosphere. "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol" buffers its own harmony, which allows for more of that contrasting production than we're used to! 

Check out "Cuando Se Esconde El Sol" here.